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The Longest Yard 2005

Prison inmates form a football team to challenge the prison guards...

Release Date:
May 27, 2005
113 min
Peter Segal
Jason Williams, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, ...
Drama, Comedy, Crime, ...

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Solar rating: 7.7


Imdb rating: 6.3

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Nice funny flick!
Seen this so many times and still it makes me laugh, great movie!
Can someone please tell me how come there are already user reviews for movies such as the Cinderella man and THe Longest Yard, when clearly they have not been shown to the public.

Also the rottentomatoes for these films are purely advertising for their username. The user named Jcon in the Cinderella Man reviews, gave the movie a rotten tomato. I read his review, it is very clear that he did not see the movie based on his review. The review is so superficial about its facts that you have to wonder why Rotten Tomatoes allows users to review the film before its actual release date.

For the next couple of weeks i will be conducting an investigation and outing these users. Shame on the people that review movies before they have actually seen them. "so obviously the 150 people that thought they saw Star Wars Ep III before May 19 are in big trouble and will be shamed:

Full reviews coming soon for The Longest Yard and Cursed!
Chris Rocks voice will annoy many. Poor Adam Sandler. :( 3/10
I've got to say that I thought the movie was very enjoyable.
After reading some reviews on how disgusted they where with the "racism, sexism, and all those other ism's and how its NOT about football encouraged me to write this review. News Flash, its not about football! Its about prison.

Besides re-runs of "Who's line is it anyway", there is not much I laugh out loud about on TV, especially in a movie theater. And I laughed a lot during this one!
I thought Sandler did a great job in his performance as did Nelly and Chris Rock.
I would definatley recommend seeing it, but if you are one of those who's ears are sensitive to such comedic relief as the ones mentioned - I would suggest you pass on it.
Some lines in the movie are no different than the common insult-style comedy of Rock, Sandler, or any other comedian/actor of their genre. So if this type of stand-up bothers you, this movie will also, so just stay at your local coffee house and have a cold cup of java.
It has the same tough grit as the original.
If you want a break from all the non-stopaction and CGI movies out there, this one would be the one to go see. It still has the same 'ol flare of Adam Sandler, but it is more toned back than some of his earlier movies. The comedy of Sandler is not the focal point of the movie, but those he surrounds himself by. The writing was great and so was the casting.


This movie was soooo dull -- I want my money back

Wait a minute -- I watched it for free.

To clarify:

This movie was soooo dull -- I want my TWO HOURS back
Hey Ya'll I just saw The Longest Yard this past weekend at an advanced screening. It had some really fun parts. It also had some touchy-emotional parts. I would recommend this movie to anybody who does like feel good movies. Although I don't know if there was exactly a good moral (go, convicts, go!?!).
Today I went to see The Longest Yard, the remake with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. I wasn't too crazy about seeing it, but my friend wanted to go and I had nothing better to do. I was suprised with the film though, I had fun with it.

As a comedy, it really wasn't all that funny. A lot of the jokes were rehashes from older Sandler flicks. All of the original jokes were mostly misses. There were a few good laughs here and there, but most of them fell flat. The performances were respectable but Burt Reynolds sorta came off as corny once and awhile. Chris Rock didn't really feel like himself, but he did give off a few good lines here and there. The comedy was decent but it could have been much much better.

The enjoyment of the film mainly comes into the football aspect. You have these convicts being treated like complete trash and beaten up by guards. So they pick the biggest guys and the meanest guys in the joint to get revenge on all the beatings taken by the guards. It's really fun watching a collection of the biggest guys in the entertainment industry (wrestlers, football players, actors, ect) completely clobbering these guards. Seeing Tracy Morgan play a gay cheerleader was quite humorous as well.

The movie has it's share of football cliches though. Pretty much all of them are in here, so the movie is pretty damn predictable. Like one review I read, this movie has a LOT of product placement in it, but most of them are used as jokes (the whole McDonald's bit was kinda funny). The movie is definitely flawed, but I still had fun watching it. Adam Sandler usually never fails to entertain, and this movie is no exception. If you like Sandler, you'll like The Longest Yard.

the longest yard

I'm always a sucker for Adam Sandler movies, and this one goes all out. This modern day comedy remake of The Longest Yard has to be the funniest movie I have seen in 2005. Die hard fans of Sandler will truly appreciate what Adam has put together here. Others who are fans of such sports comedies like Major League & Slapshot, then you shouldn't have a problem laughing your ass off here. The whole cast including Sandler, Rock, Reynolds, Nelly, Irvin, etc... are just outstanding here. So, this Memorial Day weekend, may I recommend that you check this one out if you have already seen Episode III. Okay everyone, have a great time drinking it up this holiday weekend. PEACE OUT!!!
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