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Hahaha, this movie ruled!! Why do I have such crappy taste in movies?? I LOVE DISNEY, NO MATTER WHAT.

Hilary Duff is mesmerizing :(
Well, the movie itself wasn't anything special, but the fact that Hilary was in it made it worth it. I gave the movie 2 points for the fact that most of the time Hilary's clothes looked good, 2 points for seeing Hilary blonde and brunette, 1 point for finally kissing Gordo (Geez Lizzie, took you a while!) and 1 point for the cool remake of the song Volare. The movie lost 4 points for wasting time on Paolo. Dumbass.
The Lizzie McGuire Movie was OK. This movie is nothig to write home about though. The movie was really kinda corny. It was ALRIGHT. The good side of it was that it did not have a nasty story line like everthing today ABSOLUTLY HAS TO HAVE.:( :mad: I'm only 13 and I can already see that everything has to be sex related. but this movie isn't, so thats one reason why i like it. I'm not a big fan with the Lizzie McGuire series but it is an ok thing to watch. The movie was kinda "choppy". I don't like that most of the kids that watch her show are kinda young so of course their gonna wanna see her movie and that she is telling them that it is ok to run around alone with some one they don't even know. Over all this is a ok movie.

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:cool: Better, Better! With the same feeling and Oomph that the show had, but with the same let downs aswell. The acting from both Hilary Duff and Ashleigh Brillault is some what demanding whereas Robert Carradine brings his character to the same height as his role in "Revenge Of The Nerds, I, II and III"
:fresh: Everyone really has to watch this movie. I can't get enough Hilary Duff. She is an amazing actress, and watching "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" will show you why she is being casted in so many movies.
I thought this movie was OK. I mean it wasn't great but it wasn't entirely bad. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the concert scene and the fact that the character kate showed her good side in the movie. I'm very familiar with the tv show because i used to watch it so i knew alot about the characters of the movie. I'll give a score of 5/10.
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen, despite all the negative input I've read from those who think otherwise. In case you people didn't realize it, Hilary Duff is still just a sixteen year old girl who is trying her best to make it in a world of controversial opinions. So it would help if we tried to be a little more supportive of her, don't you think? Well, anyway, her movie is very Disney, so I like it a great deal. It has action, adventure, romance, and humor. Those are my favorite genres! She obviously had to work long, hard hours for this movie to be a success, and I applaud her for it. She is a budding star who will eventually make it to the really big-time, and I can't wait to see what happens. :D Well, that's MY opinion of her movie, so I highly suggest that all preteens watch it. Not just because Lizzie actually figures out what she wishes to do with her life, but because it's a great movie. It helps to build onto your character.
:rolleyes: First off....I hate the show Lizzie Mcguire....souly because of "Hilary Duff". I HATE HER!!!!!!! SHE SUX AT EVERYTHING SHE DOEZZZZ!!!!! ACTING, SINGING, AND PICK IN MUSIC!!!!! HOW SHE ACTS PISSES ME OFF AND I THINK THAT'S HOW SHE ACTS HERSELF ALSO....WHICH PISSES ME OFF! I HATE HER! HER SINGING IS AWEFUL!!!! IT IS SO NOT EVEN THE LEAST BIT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!! IT'S SOOO NORMAL!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HER SINGING THAT MADE HER ALBUM GO NUMBER ONE?!?!?! AMERICA IS ON CRACK!!!!!! AND SHE LOVES SIMPLE PLAN!!! EW!!!! I BOUGHT THE SIMPLE PLAN CD AND THEY SUCK!!! I GAVE IT AWAY THE NEXT DAY!!!! SHE CAN'T DANCE, SING, OR ACT SO WHY IS SHE SO FAMOUS AND SUCCESSFUL?!?!?! ARE PEOPLE BORED OF TALENT AND DECIDED TO MESS THE WHOLE WORLD UP BY MAKING TALENTLESS WORTH IT BY MAKING HILARY DUFF SUCCESSFUL?!?!?! CUZ IT'S CONFUSING ME!!!! WHY HER??!?!?! I thought "Lalain" the girl that played Miranda was MUCH BETTER actress than Hilary Duff. She sings better too and she has real talent at least! HILARY DUFF IS SOOOOOO ARGH!!!!!!! Anyway, back the movie. Lizzie Mcguire sux!!!! The show had a good script...that's why I liked it in the beginning, but then I went to 7th grade and grew up. Hilary Duff is SUCH A PRISSY PRISSY PRISSY PRISSY!!!!! She TOTALLY RUINS THE WHOLE SHOW CUZ SHE IS THE STAR!!!!! But I must give her some credit also. It wasn't totally her fault the movie was a sunker for intellectual people. The storyline of the movie sucked! I didn't even want to watch it in the first place, but my 8 years old, naive cousins are fans of hers'. The film sux!!!! The storyline is SOOOO STUPID!!! I said it!!! It's STUPID! It TRULY IS! NOT EVEN PRIVATE, CATHOLIC SCHOOLS would have had the money to GIVE THE WHOLE FREAKIN 8TH GRADERS A FREE TRIP TO ROME AND FREE FOOD, AND THAT OF A NICE HOTEL!!! The movie is clearly only for Lizzie Mcguire's fans. And even more stupid than a free trip to Italy from the their "public" school, Lizzie just happens to meet a "teen pop star" of Rome and she just happens to look exactly like his "singing partner" "Isabella" which is a stupid name also!!!!! The movie is BORING ALSO!!!!! I'm SOOO SICK OF HILARY DUFF!!!! EVEN BEFORE SHE BECAME FAMOUS!!! SHE SUX!!!! SHE BECOMING SUCCESSFUL WAS MY NIGHTMARE CAME TRUE!!!!! And another thing. The Lizzie character is VERY SICKENING!!! SHE IS LIKE REAL LIFE BARBIE WANNABE REAL!!!!! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!! AND HILARY IS SICKENING BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUS SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY ACTING PROBLEMS ACTING LIZZIE CUZ SHE IS LIKE LIZZIE EXCEPT THAT SHE IS NOT AS NICE AND INNOCENT AND HILARY IS WAY MORE ANNOYING!!!! THE MOVIE AND HILARY SUX! DON'T WATCH IT EVER AND DON'T U DARE WATCH THE SHOW!!!!:rolleyes:

This was so bad that bad doesn't come close to describe the pure evil this movie has done by it's pure existance. It just had no plot. Or did maybe but got discarded midway at an attempt to make sense. Hopefully kids would stay away from this really bad, bad fairytale. Watch linday lohan instead. She's in better movies.
I loved it and I think that you should come out with The Lizzie McGuire Movie 2, because you could tell all about what happened in Lizzie's first year of Highschool and all of the cool things that she and her friends encountered!!! :D :fresh: :cool: :up:
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