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This movie always cracks me up.
V. cute.
The Little Rascals (1994): 3/10

A cute, fun kids movie
Its fun for the whole family-i dont know how well it matches up to the original Our Gang series(never watched them) but for what it's worth,as far as acting and the script, it's not that bad.:fresh:

Okay, so I thought this movie was kind of cute. So sue me. I've never seen much of the original 'Our Gang' but this 1994 tribute was rather funny and a bit charming. I really enjoyed the numerous puns and gags that the kids pulled out. Overall, though, it was still just a silly kids' movie, so it's rather average for adults.
A movie I enjoyed when I was a kid but I can't say the same now.
This is a true masterpiece of crazy-comic children films because, well for one thing, this is no disappointment to those who enjoyed the original Little Rascals series. A highly cute, funny, adorable film to anyone. True, idea of a "He-Man woman haters club" is offensive to all you feminists out there, but remember story of the film took place when these kind of things commonly happen. So what I have to say is this is an excellent-quality film for any little rascals, & besides the rascals in the film are kinda like "Rugrats" but they're in the proper age group of kindergarten, so if you love seeing cute kid hijinx by all means, see this film.
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