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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003

In an alternate Victorian Age world, a group of famous contemporary fantasy, SF and adventure characters team up on a secret mission...

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Not so good :) kind of disney stuff.
the cgi on the invisible man was terrible, lol we have come a long way since 2003
This did not hold up well. And Van Helsings Dr Jekyll was better.
Lots of old time famous story characters that are alive and being adventurous with a secret mission...First time i seen this i was like WOW new twist to some of these characters that I never thought of before....not to mention sean connery is in it and thats all the reason i need ;)
First link was good, till it stopped loading half way through. Second one is perfect.
The film is visually stunning, impossible, unreal, but funny, quirky and Connery is brilliantly hilarious all the way through. Don’t knock it for lack of reality and sense, sit back and enjoy the view, the film will provide brilliant entertainment and if you have an 8 yr old boy watching it with you, well...for the next week or more it’ll all be ‘whoosh-whoosh’, ‘k’pow’ and ‘bang’.
8/10 Will (have to) watch it again. Thanks =)


OK This is my first journal entry on rottentomatoes so i gotta make it a good one. Firstly I have no friends on this website so this is pretty damn pointless. OK i have recently been playing final fantasy tactics advance which is a pretty good game. The graphics could be better but who cares about them, I just enjoy the game play and the story line. It must be hard to think of an effective story line and I think square....... have created a unique one. Also a couple of weeks ago I saw the League of extroadinary gentlemen which was crap. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Hoping that I might see finding nemo soon but I can definetly wait. BYE for now........:p

Last night I saw LXG. Well, only half of it cos I lost intrest after the league formed and went into my room for abour 45 minutes and then came back in and watched the end.

A few questions:

Does Shane West realise Tom Sawyer was from the south? Or had that small detail slipped his mind?

Who did the effects? Because they should be shot.

Why was this movie made?

I give it 2/10. One for Shane west looking hot and one for that guy who played Dr. Jeckle, he was strangely hot too.

I watched ep 8 of Carnivale. Man, this show rocks the house.:fresh:

Just got back from my gig. My brother, in a vicious slap in the face, didn't even go to the free School of Rock screening. What a waste.

See ya later.
I haven't read a graphic novel since the Tintin series, and I stopped doing that around 5th grade. And when I saw that Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was at my college's library, I knew I had to read it. The movie was extremely disappointing. I had heard of the premise beforehand and was psyched, but the movie sucked donkey balls. The comic is much better. I heard that there are multiple volumes, so I've gotta find the rest.
This being my second entry thus far...I'm looking forward to things to come. I'm not doing much right now, just sitting on shift, listening to the new DIDO CD. I've been fooling around with this journal thing, getting it personalized etc for a while, which is good cause it keeps me busy. Africa is no joke...but when you do what I do, it's not all it's cracked up to be. However the snorkeling is absolutely euphoric. It's like I was looking out, watching the discovery channel, but I was actually there. It was absolutely amazing.

The weather here has been pretty bland the last few days, which is good for a change. We just entered the rainy season, so it rained for about 3 days straight and turned this place into a complete and utter puddle of mud. Thankfully though, we had a good hot, dry day today, so it dried things up a bit. Regardless, I long for the Missouri weather again. They got about 8 inches of snow yesterday. I miss snow so bad...there's absolutely nothing that compares to Missouri weather. I've been getting really strong vibes from that place and I feel like I really need to go back. In due time though, in due time.

Well I can't be on here much longer, got things to do. I'll keep on keepin on, long as I have the time. Until then....I'm out.
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