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Loved it! Thought it was heartwarming and it made me cry. Totally recommend watching it.
Great movie my second time watching it and every time i ball like a baby . I love it.
Miley Cyrus today should watch this movie and see how far she as fallen from grace. A good movie...
So this is the movie that put miley and Liam together huh? Never knew what brought them together but now I know.
I actually enjoyed this movie more than expected, because going in I was looking to get a few laughs. 7/10.
such a good movie!! :)
never say never, linker@Lovatic

Good film, love it!
Kinda sad though.
Also makes me wish I could get a boyfriend, but we all know that'll never happen. :'(

can you put it youtube

i want to watch the last song

WF i want to watch this movie not look for it in 1 hour

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