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One of the most epic films, ever. Certainly the best film about the Samurai culture that Ive ever seen.
Great direction and story. very inspiring.
Cruise is also amazing here.
A very easy 10/10
don't use thefileme, its sh!t
I absolutely love this movie! It is in my humble opinion a must watch. Everything about this movie was beautiful and Tom Cruise did an incredible job!
One of my favorite movies.
One of the greatest movies ever made.
Excellent movie!
Beautiful movie. Just wish a dominantly Japanese spoken movie had English subtitles in links on an English website. If you don't understand Japanese, you won't understand 3/4 of this movie. Either way, it gets 9.5/10. Amazing film.
This is probably Cruise's top 5 of performances, and arguably his best. The movie is incredible. A must watch.
One of the best movies I have ever seen. The story, acting and costumes are all outstanding! 10/10
Wasn't there another version of this movie? A much older one... Its been a couple decades since I've seen it, but I'm almost sure that when I was young I saw a movie that I thought was called The Last Samurai. Same story basically... just all different actors, of course.
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