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Not as good as i was expecting, just a 7.5/10.... for me...
ya know i see people on this site giving out 10/10 reviews left and right, there is maybe 2 or 3 movies in my 25 years of watching movies that i would consider 10/10, this movie and and maybe Goodfellas IMHO deserve that kinda rating, they are the movies i judge all others by, 99 percent of the time i watch a movie i just say its worth a watch, very few deserve more than that, o well that's just my 2 cents worth...
Great Movie!
The Last of the
Mohicans (1992)

The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

Pros: Great Music. Attention to detail. Great Costumes and scenary. Solid pacing, fairly action packed. Daniel Day Lewis is good.

Cons: Unimpressive vis a vis other similar epic films like DANCES WITH WOLVES, GLADIATOR, TROY and BRAVEHEART. Action scenes mediocre. Two dimensional characters. Predictable plot.

Final word: While technically impressive, LAST OF THE MOHICANS is merely a competant genre epic, that while not lesser than comparable films, is also not better than said films. BRAVEHEART is still better.

This film is a fine bit of work. The score and music is excellent, and the story draws you in along the way. The action is intense and makes you feel as though you're witnessing a big thing. There are also quite a few surprises along the way. The only thing I didn't like was ***SPOILERS*** how certain characters who died in the book lived, and characters who lived (like the younger Munro and her father) end up perishing. But it all fits the movie so well, that it wouldn't matter in the least if you'd never read the book. A very fine film.
We finished watching Last of the Mohicans today in English--second time seeing it for me. The film is not my cup of tea one bit. First, I don't care for Indian stories all that much, did when I was in third grade, but now the only Indian I care for is Sacagawea due to my Mother's large obsession with Lewis & Clark. Second I am not a big fan of war flicks. The only war film that comes to mind which I do enjoy is The Patriot--set during the Revolutionary War, which is the only war I particularly care for. Glory and Gettysburg are pretty good Civil War films, now that I think about it. But putting all of the aside...Last of the Mohicans is a good film and seems to be adapted well from James Fenimore Cooper's novel. And the music is really good--Tevor Jones did the score. I love his work!

And just a note, if you don't like gore, you might have a hard time during one battle scene. Let's just say if you couldn't handle the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in which the heart of one man was removed you will not be able to handle a certain scene.

No school tomorrow and Friday--Parent/Teacher Conferences--progress reports are given out then. I should have only one B.
Was going to see Finding Neverland for the fourth with two friends tomorrow, but turns out the times didn't work out too well for all of us to go. Planning to see Phantom again with Heidi tomorrow though. So all is good.
- George Clinton

Last of the Mohicans (5 or so viewings)
Directed by: Michael Mann

Eh, not good, but some decent qualities. Some good tention, the acting is above par for such a cornball production, I'd watch Miranda Otto in a soap commercial.

The original is slightly better, but I wasn't a big fan of it either.


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