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The Last House on the Left 1972

A pair of teenage girls are headed to a rock concert for one's birthday. While trying to score marijuana in the city, the girls are kidnapped by a gang of psychotic convicts...

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I've now watched both this version and the newer version of this movie and I have to say, they both have their own sort of "charm" as far as this type of film goes but if I were casting a vote between the two I would have to vote for the newer version. I've never really been able to get into movie's from the 70's though and that may be the reason. But the acting in this one fell a bit short for me as well and left something to be desired. So overall I prefer the 2014 version of this movie
....about murder and revenge from then-unknown writer/director Wes Craven in his first movie back in 1972 which was controversial for its disturbing depiction of the rape and murders of two kidnapped young women which may be true for movies made back then but tame in today's standards (Lynch's Blue Velvet and Cronenberg's Videodrome come to mind that are far more disturbing than this one). I found this movie both funny and terrifying, a formula Craven also successfully used with Scream, but this one's immensely more satisfying as it has the dated appeal of a generation past-- the '70s generation-- with references to the peace movement, drugs, sex, and rock n' roll-- and a complementary soundtrack. The DVD, which was a blind buy for me this week and a real bargain at under $9, features an audio commentary from Wes Craven and the producer, a featurette with the cast, producer and director talking about the making of the movie, and "forbidden" deleted scenes. Not for the faint of heart...but remember, it's only a movie!!

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I'm not too thrilled & kinda dissapointed in the Dawn of the Dead Remake. Though after seen it again on DVD (Director's cut), I guess I'll give it a fresh rating. What got me into this movie is the difference, good shots, good views, cameos, gore, disturbing scenes/shots, & Ving Rhames & those boost up the points in my rating. . . Though I should also give Sarah Polley credit too, since she's fucking hot. Yes, naturally hot blondes is what I like, she kinda looks like Uma Thurman too, though she's very short. I didn't like some of lines & then you got some characters that really annoyed me. The soundrack is good, though the fucking Disturbed (or whoever it's by) song sucks. Speaking of the ending credits *SPOILER*, in a way I liked it, though it felt like a stupid music video, yet I like how apocalyptic the ending is, & to answer some people's questions or those who think they all died at the end is actually unsure, you don't know if they died at the end or not, all you see is the zombies coming & the guy drops the camera & then a dead zombie falls in front of it & everything else is just zombies making faces at the camera, which is kind of lame. */SPOILER* So yeah, I don't think it's a great movie, but a watchable movie, but it will never top the original.
Watch It & You Decide

So what else is going on, a lot, but I might talk about the rest later, I'll talk about some in a list:
Writing & recording 6 songs at once, though 2 guitar strings popped so now I have to wait on the guitars till I get new strings, so far I'm doing drums & bass. Colored some areas of my hair blue, but see much of it at all so I plan on doing the entire top & see what happens. Also I cut the sides & back short so the top would grow even. Instant Weather Change here in Texas is a bitch, it's been a bitch lately. I've been getting very bad dreams, horrible dreams lately. feeling lonely, but I won't complain about it. The IGN logo on the bottom left when I go in the RT Message Board scares me. Question: My threads & journal entries never gets any replies at all that much, though everytime I whine or complain about something, they get a shit load & yet most of the time they are people who complain about me whining & say stuff like "I won't reply to threads/entries with whining" or "that's why people don't reply to your threads/entries", yet they do it anyway :rolleyes: Why, oh why???


Thanks for your time :)

Like I said, this is one of the best.:D
Wes Craven's (Scream, Nightmare on Elm St.) first film is graphically shocking and disturbs even today. I don't like the ironic parts with that country music, but the girls are convincing and I feel sorry for 'em. The villains seem funny in the beginning but the bloody scenes is sick and perverted. I can understand why Leonard Maltin was disgusted. It gets a very weak 7-pointer from me.
Well jay and i hired 9 movies today

Princess Diaries 2 was ok i guess

Last house on the left, was pathetic

CAMP i loved it but then i love musical type movies

The Color Purple one of my all time fave movies, i bawled my eyes out while Jay laughed at me

Also hired the village, 28 days later, van helsing darkness falls and wrong turn am kinda watching the village now but dont find it too interesting, yet to watch the rest

not much else happening, somehow i got 40 bucks less in my pay then i should have so i have to call monday to find out why
Hey All....

Well... alot's happened, and alot's not really happened....

Had my payments suspended on Thursday and had to go work that shit out. Got it put back on, went to an interview and got told I have to attend a 5 week seminar for 2 days a week on how to prepare a proper resume and how to act during a work interview.... all the stuff that I trained for for a whole year back in 98. I'm a bit mad that I have to go back and do it all again, but that's the way the world goes I guess. :rolleyes:

Called my Mum lastnight and she told me that she was at home alone watching All Saints on television when she heard a loud CRACK!! She thought it was a gunshot and thought to herself, "Sheesh, that was close!" Then about 5 mins later she saw blue and red flashes on her wall. She went out the front and the medium strip in the middle of the road was packed with people and there were about 100 people standing on the bridge across the road. There were 4 police wagons, 3 big fire engines the SES Emergency truck and 2 Ambulances parked across the road and they were taping up the park so people couldn't enter into it.

Mum saw her nextdoor neighbour standing there, so she went over to her and asked what the hell was going on. The neighbour said that a car had sped down the road, jumped the gutter, drove through the park and then went airborne into the river. Mum stood there until people started dwindling off, then she spoke to one of her friends that works for the SES Emergency Service.

He told her that a 60+yr old woman was driving into town when all of a sudden she sped up, jumped the gutter, hit a large rock - which is a monument in the park, went airborne, crashed THROUGH a tree (Which would've been the loud crack that Mum heard) before going over the embankment and into the river. The divers were swimming around down there trying to get into the car.

He said that they were worried because there were baby nappies/diapers floating on the top of the water and they were in a rush to get into the car because they were fearing that there may be a baby in the car. They didn't find any baby, but when they pulled the woman out, she was dead. They think she had a heart attack, fell forward while she was driving and put her foot down on the accellerator.... They say that she was going 160km/h before plunging into the river!! Anyway, Mum was all excited that she'd made it on the nightly news... TWICE! lol

I hired out more movies yesterday. Out of the 9 that I hired, I've watched the ones that I've rated above. Two of the movies are girly crappy ones, so I don't think I'll even rate them... Maybe I will... dunno.

Last House on the Left written and directed by Wes Craven in 1972 was definately different. I'd heard good things about it, but there's something disturbing about producing a movie with brutal rape and torture for the means of entertainment. It was ok for an older film... not as good as what I'd heard it would be like.

The Village starring Joaquin Phoenix was pretty good. The trailers definately made it look like something that it wasn't. The trailers made it look like it was something paranormal and creepy, which was totally not what the movie was all about. It was entertaining though.

I didn't really watch The Colour Purple starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah. I was online at the time, so it was basically noise in the background and something to glance over at when I was waiting for the pages to load up... damn dial up!! :mad:

When I first went to watch 28 Days Later with my brother at the movies, I watched all of about half an hour of it before falling fast asleep in the cinema!! lmfao. There's something about Pommie movies that I just can't get into. I think it must be the whole crappy acting/filming and the accent just doesn't grab me. I didn't really think much of it. It was good... but not good enough IMO.

Anyway, I'll give you another couple of reviews when I end up watching more movies.... ;)

Keep in touch....

I don't have a lot to say about this movie so I'll make it quick. I am a fan of some Wes Craven films and I have read a lot about this movie. First, this is not a horror film. It is a rape/exploitation film. The whole first hour of the movie is nothing but repeated rape scenes. Second, it is just horrible. I hate this movie almost as much as I hate Wes Craven's so-called return to form, Scream. You'll read about how this movie is so unrenlentless and raw. It is raw, but it is also crap. If you want some classic Craven, buy The Hills Have Eyes instead.
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