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The Last American Virgin 1982

The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized by a romantic interest which may turn pals into bitter rivals...

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Imdb rating:6.2

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this is a great movie if you are in the mood for a highschool teen sex fest.... it follow the lives of 3 teenage boys in their quest to get laid as often as possible...what is the difference between this movie and other goofy movies of the same genre you ask? well, a terrific soundtrack and an ending guaranteed to knock you on your ass!
I only had a brief view over this one. There were a lot of nudity and they were pretty ugly. My friend told me to throw it away right after he saw the title. So I did...
How can you not love all those horny teen movies of the 80's?! This one was really funny. Covered all the bases; horny, partying, first love, sex, and even abortion! Wow, they were busy. If you haven't seen this 80's classic, do so
Teen comedy garbage. There is no point to this disaster of a film. Not funny and all the characters are pretty much terrible people.
Good acting, direction, and a killer soundtrack makes this one of the best teen comedies of all time.
The Last American Virgin
Directed by: Boaz Davidson

Holy crap is this movie depressing!

It sure doesn't look like it, it looks like any number of other teen lust comedies. It starts out like one too. For the first 1/3rd of the film, it's like Screwballs, or Porkeys, or Hollywood High, or any number of other 70's and 80's teen lust comedies.

However, then it morphs into something else. The hero of the story falls for the girl next door type, but his best buddy has the hots for her too. It becomes one of the most painful stories of teen love I've seen. It would be one thing if he couldn't get with the bombshell blonde slut cheerleader, that would just be funny. However, in this case, she's the girl next door who might be selfish and stupid, but not more then anybody else of her age and position.

Anyhow, it's very well done, really, rarely do movies switch genres midway so effectively. It's not a great film perhaps, but a very interesting piece of the genre. Even if I did feel like killing myself when it was over.

The positive reviews baffle me! Yes, the ending was surprisingly realistic but the abortion montage beforehand was quite laughable. Watch as Gary struggles to raise that $250 while U2's "I Will Follow" blasts in the background. Huh? The 1st 2/3rd's of the movie is typical sex comedy stuff that's so over the top that the last 3rd can't be taken seriously.
This movie is one important lesson that every young man must learn.
This lives up to the name A Girl Looses her virginity ..
Kids now days have sex drive and american pie .. well this was the 80's version of teen flix ...
Best ending ever Made me yell "What the F*&K" out loud
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