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The Land Before Time 1988

Five orphan dinosaurs travel the ruins of their world, while grieving the loss of their families and banding together to face the odds of survival...

Release Date:
November 18, 1988
69 min
Don Bluth
Frank Welker, Judith Barsi, Bill Erwin, ...
Drama, Animation, Family, ...
Ireland, USA

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Solar rating: 7.3


Imdb rating: 7.3



A lot better than Dinosaur and the others...
I knew the dinosaur part would catch your attention...

I've been trying to stick with Julia Cameron's book, "The Right to Write". I'll pick up a chapter here and there and use it as a way to get thoughts on paper based on chapter by chapter 'assignments'. Here's an excerpt from the book.
Why should we write?

We should write because it is human nature to write. Writing claims our world. It makes it directly and specifically our own. We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance.

We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living. Writing is sensual, experiential, grounding. We should write because writing is good for the soul. We should write because writing yields us a body of work, a felt path through the world we live in.

We should write, above all, because we are writers, whether we call ourselves that or not.
-from The Right to Write (Julia Cameron)
Having said that... I'll write some movie reviews.

I haven't written my movie reviews in a while so I thought I'd catch up. Here are several movies that I have watched in the past two months or so with a rating and quick review.

Sideways (2004)
Rating: 9/10
I finally saw Sideways. I'm not a fan of Sanda Oh as stated in my previous review. But she turned me around in this movie. She was very good. I can SO identify with the Miles character. I enjoyed this movie finding it hard to find flaws in it. There was an odd turn in the movie (the wallet scene) but other than that, a very romantic, funny and well written film. The dialogue was awesome!
'The Land Before Time' is an animated tale about lost, young dinosaurs that are on a journey to find a new land and need to band together in order to survive. This animated film introduces the world of dinosaurs to children. While this film was popular with some of the other girls my age (I would have been nine at the time), I did not watch the film until I was about a year older. When I did watch it, I could not understand what all the fuss was about. I found 'The Land Before Time' to be slow-moving and dull, and it failed to engage me. The majority of this film seemed to be taken up with the four little dinosaurs in dialogue between themselves and in arguments. I would not recommend this film unless you know a very young boy or girl who really likes dinosaurs. Otherwise, do not bother with this.
No review submitted.
Both these movies I watched alot, when I was younger.

You know I've Almost done with my movies to review list where, I review every movie i have ever scene (at least the one's I can think of)
The Land Before Time (1988): 7/10

A new adventure is born.

The Land Before Time's heartwarming and tearjerking level is one of prehistoric proportions.

The Land Before Time is another one of my childhood favorites. I never saw any of the 18 sequels, but I've heard this first installment was the best by far. The animation was great as the animators did an excellent job of matching their color schemes to the general mood of each scene. The writing and characters were very easy to connect to as well (as much as child dinosaurs can be). I feared for them, laughed with them, and felt their sorrows on their journey only to be deeply satisfied as I arrived with them at their destination. All in all, this is a movie I will show my future kids. It's a very well-done children's movie.
Probably my favorite movie as a child... unfortunatly it does stand up to much scrutiny.
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