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The Karate Kid, Part III 1989

Ostracised villain John Kreese attempts to gain revenge on Daniel and Miyagi, with the help of a Vietman War comrade, the wealthy owner of a toxic waste disposal business...

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After reading Squintkid's review for The Karate Kid, I was reminded how much I liked the movies. I bought the boxed set that contains all four of these movies for the low price $25, around 6.25 each. Not a bad deal at all. Here's the reviews:

By far the worst in the series, this one just pulls all the usual jokes regarding Mr. Miyagi's ignorance to American ways, and his students ignorance to Japanese customs. This is much more of a comedy than the last movies and is much less violent than the last movies as well. Hilary Swank does a good job here and it's fun to see how she started. Pat Morita is still very likable as Mr. Miyagi, but seems to be getting a bit too old to be in the fights that he's in. It is obvious that his opponents actors had to slow down their punches so that he could counter them, and it looks silly when he fights.

The movie follows the same formula as the previous ones, but this one is much more boring and uninteresting and much less fun. The movie tries way too hard for laughs and doesn't work enough on making us care or be interested in anything that happens on the screen. I hope that they end the series here.

Overall I like this series a lot, but as you can see by the ratings, the movies get consecutively worse as each is released. These are the kind of movies that you pull out on a boring rainy day though and are always fun to watch. They are mostly geared towards younger boys however and older people will not like any of them after the first really. The first movie is the only one that I recommend everybody see, but after you see it, you almost have to see the others.

The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

I am in the minority but I actually liked this one the most of the four Karate Kid movies. Had a much cooler plot. There were some really boring parts, especially the bits about the bonsai plants but otherwise it was more entertaining than the first two. Of course I didn't grow up with these movies and didn't see them until recently.
Hey, there's more anger in this one, and sure, I suppose it's the weakest of the first three movies, but still, Morita and Macchio rule the day.

And women always leave Daniel-san.
So bad I had to pick it twice. This God-awful brownstain of an otherwise admirable film series just reeks of horrific screenwriting. Dialogue and story seem to have been written by a classful of 4-year-old tiny warrior white belts with crayons. Ralph Macchio himself regretted making and seeing this film released. It shows.

First of all we have Daniel, whoring around with his third hook up in a year's time. What happened to Kumiko she was a hottie? He left that to come back to the US for this crapola? And did Miyagi-san stand up the Calgon lady TWICE by leaving her on the island? Bastard.

If Daniel's character had been consistant with the two films, he would have never gotten with the new instructor to train at the exact dojo where the Cobra-Kais once trained. Stupid Stupid. Miyagi kicking all three of their asses was good, but unrealistic. If they would have gone UFC on him, that wax-on, wax-off crap would not have worked at all. The underaged love interest in this movie....what was her name? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Kreese's entrance was like that of Dracula springing out of the crypt. "HA HAAA!!" What was that crap? OMG - give him an Oscar. No, seriously - Martin Kove should have been run through narcotics rehab before being allowed back on set. He acts as if he has ingested every kind of illegal stimulant known to man, as did the crazy freak kid hired to beat Daniel like a Tibetian insurgent. Overacting galore - atrocious.

OK, to the tourney. Why was I cheated on Daniel fighting 5 or so matches, huh? WHY WHY WHY did they just happen to put the new dumb immunity rule for the match - oh wait, I get it. The movie's budget ran out and had just enough for Daniel vs. Coke Boy scene.

I can't believe his final punch too....we had the Crane Kick from #1 ...just wicked...the grind-you-to-hamburger drum move in the second.....and this time? Punch dude while he is on the ground with little or no contact - and score one lame point. That's victory? OMG what a nightmare

If you see this one in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, save the 2 bucks - and go buy some kaopactate with it.

That way you only have to deal with one episode of crapatasticness.

OK, ill admit that I liked the first one.:o The second one, not so much. :confused: The third one was lame. :( I mean, come on! Daniel-san could kick butt in the first, do ok in the second, and suck in the third? Not my idea of a good 80s movie!:mad:
The Karate Kid Part III (1989): 5/10

It has Mr. Miyagi. That's all it needs
The film that killed the series.
(* 1/2):

Just godawful. The villian is so cheesy and the film is way overlong.
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