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The Karate Kid 1984

A handyman/martial arts master agrees to teach a bullied boy karate and shows him that there is more to the martial art than fighting...

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i watched this back in the spring with a large group of my friends. it was pretty good though it's not exactly my style of movie. anyway, i have to say that the bully, can't remember his name, totally reminded me of someone. I just can't figure out who though.
Where to start?

Last Friday ... had my sister's fundraiser thing at the bar (where her class got 10% of what the bar made for the night). Got tanked. But I wore the classiest bright red bobbed wig, which looked lovely. Me and my friend Jayme went out for it, and left to go to another bar in the middle. Some guy tried to get us to sing the Three's Company theme song with him at karaoke, but we declined. Okay, so Jayme declined and I shouted "I LOVE Three's Company!" But in my defense, I was drunk. ;)
I gave out cards with my name, cell number and MSN info on them to one of my sister's friends, and some guy who looked like Jack White (from the White Stripes). The Jack White guy called, I think, but then hung up. So I called back and went "Uh, did you just call me?" and he hung up again. Loser.

The next day, Jayme and I took the train to Hamilton. I have so missed that girl ... it's so nice to talk to someone who isn't all caught up in social norms and stuff. As a matter of fact, all Saturday night was spent with people who I have the best conversations with. My old highschool crew ... lol! We talked about bizarre and inane stuff, and I can tell them anything. Shining example: me and Jayme are in Mr. Sub, and we're having a conversation about how hot old military uniforms from revolutionary countries are and she goes "So maybe I have a Nazi fetish, but..." and I reply, "The politics were all wrong, of course, but the uniforms ..." and she finishes it up with "They made their asses look great." And both of us know where the other one is coming from, so neither of us are offended by the topic at hand. It's awesome!
So, the party was really fun, except that Grant wasn't even there. I do believe I talked to him online on Matt's MSN, though ... a conversation I remember little of, but I know that I was very concious of not embarassing Matt by being an ass to whoever I was talking to. If only I'd realised ... I could have drunkenly added him to my MSN list, instead of just ending up with his ex-girlfriend on my list (I hate that I actually like her, but I do. And she came over to me at the party and was like "we should exchange MSNs so we can hang out! *sigh*)

The rest of the week has been pretty slow. Had some papers due, missed a quiz and developed a plan to get a sick note to be excused from it ... me and my friend from school (I can't even say that without then saying "had a band and we tried real hard" so I'm afraid I have to reword that sentence ... my friend from school and I) came up with it while working on the papers that were due in the class after the quiz. We're geniuses! I had a little flutter of hope for a moment when I found out he'd broken up with his girlfriend ... but now they're back together and I'm stuck with one attatched guy, one guy I never see ... oh yeah, and one guy who must be going through lady troubles since he's back to asking me out all of a sudden.

I propose a new plan of action. Operation: Amanda Needs a Boyfriend.

I'm not asking for much ... just a nice, sweet, slightly geeky boy, who will take me to the movies and watch cheesy TV with me (see, I don't even need a rich guy). He should like science fiction/fantasy and horror movies and listen to classic rock and pop-punk (or at least not mind that I do). Car a plus.
Her comes another freaking hurricane :mad:. IVAN!!!!! AAAAAAAH
Well I'm in school right now so gotta go back to my school work.:(
SONG: Apedosmil- Glassjaw

Woke up at 8went on computerate french toastwent back on computerplayed some isketch (fun game)started my art extra creditwatched power rangerswent back on computerwatched a little footballplayed guitarwent back on computerfinished art projectwatched some more footballate lunchwent back on computerwatched The Karate Kidhung out in my roomate dinnerate a donuthad some of my brother's chaihad some coffeeand now I'm back on the computer.I missed the beginning of the Karate Kid but it was pretty good. Had a good lesson to be taught. I litterly screamed everytime the said Cobra Kai which is a song by Lostprophets except spelled "Kobrakai". It's one of the bands fav movies. I can see where a lot of their music comes from and Mike's obsession with Nike sneakers. Well thats it..
The Karate Kid (1984)

OK ok ok I know this is a bit of a cheese fess... But it is etched into my mind from my teenager years as I must have watched this one at least 20 times. Having said that I saw on cable it was going to be on last nite and my son just started Karate so I thought to myself hey I have not seen this one in probably 15 or so years and I know he has not watched it. As I told my son what we would be watching my wife says "hey I have never watched that movie before I only heard about it" soooo we all watched it and they really liked it:P
Oh well not the best but still holds up from my memories....

Myself 8 out of 10
Son 10 out of 10 (me too when I was younger)
Wife 8 out of 10

Great movie for kids.
In bed all day watching old movies. Not too bad. Things aren't too good right now and if they go on this way for much longer I'll be leaving RT, The Axis Archives and pretty much the whole computer thing behind me.

I've already got my foot halfway out the door...
This weekend the free public TV channels turned all gooey with teen-nostalgia-type films, like Karate Kid and Happy Gilmore. These two films are essentially the same. Vladimir Propp grimaces quietly in the ether... These films are not necessarily of the same "teen" era, but they have the same sort of feel, and it kinda makes you want to... (I was going to say "pick up your BMX" but I realised grown men make their living from doing that these days, so...) I flicked between the two, mostly preferring Happy Gilmore (because earlier that day I'd shot my lowest score at my local mashie course. Gimme a break!).

A film I'd never seen before, The Edge, turned my Friday night sour. Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin "star" in this total throwaway, along with a bear. The bear must've fired his agent after watching himself chasing down Hopkins in a fast-forwarded attempted geronticide that still couldn't generate excitement.

I'm not an Alec Baldwin fan. Even without this bias, I would've been hard-pressed to enjoy his portrayal as a good guy gone bad. Or bad guy gone good. It was hard to tell -- Baldwin is from that Woodenface School of Acting that produced emotionally choleric stars such as Harrison Ford. This is why Baldwin's best performance has to be in Team America...

All in all, a very lame story, and more crappy research: at one stage, they set off towards a mountain Hopkins has identified as being due north (by rubbing a needle on "silk" (really, his sleeve) and creating a compass), and they're all horrified when, many hours later, they find themselves back where they started, at the dead camp fire. Now, I know this has been known to happen to people who try to cross deserts without landmarks, but when you're aiming at a mountain? How stupid could they possibly be? Did they try it blindfolded? Oh, and the black guy gets it about a third of the way through the flick. I think the bear was the only one who was really committed to the film -- he stomped a log with total authority halfway through.
I watched two DVDs and a TiVo'd movie this past week. Two movies for research: Karate Kid and Romancing the Stone for fish out of the water storylines, character development and structure, and Bad Boys II on TiVo just because.

Bad Boys II (2003)

I was a big fan of Bad Boys I. HUGE FAN. As soon as the movie started, I was totally into the Miami Vice feel. I felt this was the new Miami Vice. Michael Bay's direction was hip and new and stylish, and the movie was fast, fun and exciting. And as soon as the movie was over, I was thinking Bad Boys II immediately. Bad Boys II is 8 years way too late. 5 years ago, maybe. But 8 years later... Hmmm... The plot was really jumbled. Completely forced. Cinematography over done. Actors over directed or maybe not directed at all. The pairing, always good. Martin Lawrence kills me. He's damn funny. Will Smith, I love, but he just was this bigger than life cop that just didn't get it. No depth, nothing. There were some really good scenes with the two. I enjoyed those more than I did trying to follow a plot that could have been simple and strong. The movie was too long and filled with action. If I were to watch the third act alone, I would have been satisfied. Going to Columbia, the shoot outs, the chase... that was enough action in a film to sustain itself. Unfortunately Bad Boys II had too many holes, and forced along what could have been an interesting story line into a jumbled, FORCED mess.
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