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The Jungle Book 2 2003

Mowgli, missing the jungle and his old friends, runs away from the man village unaware of the danger he's in by going back to the wild...

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Jungle Book 2

*Somtimes funny (But in only like 2 scenes)

*Not as good at first

Overall: The kids may enjoy it, but the adults sure as hell won't, see the first one instead.
ok movie
This direct to home release gives us pretty much more of the same from the original. The story isn't anything worth more than nominal praise and the music does all right but mostly retreads the old tunes from the original feature release. The animation and voice work is pretty good. It seems that Disney is happy to make these mediocre DTH releases and to let their Pixar partners make the really good animated features.
Jungle Book 2 is a big disappointment. Disney needs to understand that sequels of the classics shouldn't be made. Haley Joel Osment (Mowgli) is a wonderful actor, and don't think he should waste his time on these types of films. John Goodman (Baloo) sounded like the original Baloo, yet don't think they should have made this movie. Children might enjoy it. It's family friendly, but the plot was a redo of the first movie.
Nope, not even close to pinnacling the prequel.
Most of Disney's sequels are big frauds because they make them without having a good story or a valid excuse to create a fine follow up movie. The quality of the animation, the songs and the mostly unfunny dialogues and repetitive situations in The Jungle Book 2 are much more inferior than the original film, it becomes tedious. At least it was fun to hear Phil Collins voicing a vulture; the rest of the voicing "talent" of this sequel has lost the significance of the interpretation the original cast did: Stanley Holloway, George Sanders, Louis Prima, Sebastian Cabot and of course: Phil Harris voicing Baloo... the replacements changed and ruined the voices completely.
this movie ain't ''PURE JOY''
This is the worst sequel ever.
Following in the footsteps of it's original premise, The Jungle Book 2 can surprise all doubters that such a sequel to such a great classic will be a disaster.
Harmless enough, but did it really need a sequel? I think not.
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