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The Iron Giant 1999

A boy makes friends with an innocent alien giant robot that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy...

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Have seen this countless times ever since it first came out. Classic. Excellent.
I adored this movie it deals with fear of the unknown and xenophobia in a really accessible way.
Hadnt watched this before. 9/10. Loved it!
A Giant Robot lands on Earth, but a malfunction causes him to forget his origins. A Young Boy follows a trail of half-eaten cars and discovers a new friend.


I always loved this movie, and I hope it can be remade one day, just as good. I also think there could be up to a trilogy.

After all, why did the Iron Giant come? It seems clear he was sent to fight, perhaps similar to Gort from "The Day The Earth Stands Still" Or he was meant to destroy anything that could threaten an Alien Invasion?

If he truly becomes our Superhero, there could be a great movie about him defending the Earth.
Aww, this movie was good! It was sad, but the end picked it up a bit. I wasn't satisfied though - not enough resolution!!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And where's a Waffle House when you need one?

So thanks to Cartoon Network, I was able to see the much fawned-over The Iron Giant. It's a very nice movie with a lot of good stuff in it. I just don't think it's a classic, like some people here. But why complain? It's funny, kind of sweet, the animation is great, and I dug the whole 50's thing.
The Iron Giant (1999) 10/10:fresh:

I just absolutely love this film. I watched it twice during the Cartoon Network marathon. I have been holding off on purchasing this until the special edition is available. The friendship that Hogarth shares with the Giant is one that is so real, that you seem to forget that you are watching an animated film. If you are not moved by the ending, you may not be alive. This is easily better than anything that Disney has put out in years. It should not be missed.
Iron Giant rules! Great storytelling, great voice acting, and it looks beautiful. It's not some stupid dumbed down animated movie, it's great for ANYONE. I'll admit that some Pixar films like Finding Nemo are a little sugary, but this one is amazing on all levels. You need to see it, and if you haven't I'd be happy to watch it again with you.

I just wish they hadn't delayed the DVD special edition until later this year when Incredibles comes out. I want it now.
Brad Bird's uniquely innocent and touching The Iron Giant is one of the best written of recent animated films, even though it suffers occasionally from a meandering narrative and an overly nostalgic tone. The movie, which is similar in plot to Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, is about an alien robot that lands on Earth and immediately frightens the residents of a small town in Maine, before being befriended by a young boy who does not let his prejudices interfere with his judgment of the gigantic robot. Eventually, the Iron Giant is able to help the townspeople overcome their own fears, and he displays bravery and selflessness at the most important of times. The Iron Giant is not so much about the Giant's innate goodness, but about the friendship between the Giant and Hogarth, the young boy who saves his life. There are strong messages of peace and tolerance running in this film (it is very concerned with making points about the inherent evil of guns), but unlike most films geared toward children, The Iron Giant never approaches a tone of preachiness. The movie is as offbeat and richly humourous as the aforementioned E.T., but it is mercifully not as sentimental or saccharine. While the humour in The Iron Giant is nowhere near as consistent or as rich as in animated films like Shrek or the Toy Story movies, there are still many moments that will bring a smile to viewers of any ages. Brad Bird, who directed this film, has been a director of several episodes of The Simpsons...and while The Iron Giant never approaches that show's comic brilliance, there are moments that display genuine wit and intelligence. Of the actors providing voices for the animated characters, Vin Diesel is the most memorable as the Giant...a creature with a deep yet gentle and reassuring voice. Despite its enjoyable story and solid script, The Iron Giant misses greatness because the animation occasionally seems fuzzy and not as vibrant as the great Disney pictures. Nevertheless, on the merits of its humour and its commendable ideas about prejudice and acceptance, The Iron Giant is one of the better family films of recent years.

Jup, I watched Oscar Night till I fell in sleep. It was really late when it begun here, 02.00 :O. So ermmm, I really enjoyed the first parts. I hated the red carpet thing, all those people babbling about clothes and stuff. I loved Bill Murray's appearance and Robin Williams's. Errrmmm, yes. 11 Oscars to the Lord of the Rings. Unbelievable. Woah. I guess they earned it. But I still thought Lost in Translation was the best movie, and Bill Murray should've get his oscar for Best Actor. Well, Sean Penn kind of earned it too.

In the evening today a friend came over and we watched Lost in Translation & a part of The Iron Giant. And it was fun, jup.

Now I'm very very very very sleepy. Good night :).
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