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cool movie
really liked this special effects and still good..
Good stuff - warm and toasty.
:) so comedy and Tragedy at the same time
This is not the kind of Movies I generally look for.
I am happy that a friend of mine made me see it.
I am astonished with the performances of both actors.
It is a sort of French Rain Man (actually he even looks a bit like Dustin).
Absolutely highest level of acting, and a very moving story of true friendship, very funny too.
I cannot imagine anybody not liking this.
How have I not heard of this one before? It looks GREAT! Now on my watch list...
Great movie! Very enjoyable and entertaining. Didn't expect so much humor throughout between the two main characters as well as the rest of the cast.
#1 movie to watch. Script, directing and actors great..
Won't want your time back.
Get the "Beers, Homies and Hookup"!!!!!!
A lesson of life illustrated by the lifelong friendship of two men. Simply beautiful, funny and emotional. What else do want me to tell to convince you to watch it ? Just watch it and you'll see, the music, the actors, ... every scene is worth watching.
Twas a wonderful movie! the acting was good! specially Omar Sy, his laughter was so vibrant and happy, you'll just have to laugh with him.And I gotta say this.. but François Cluzet really looks like Robert de Niro! :)

I love the characters and their friendship. Definitely a must watch! 2 thumbs up!
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