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i love this movie. it blows my mind that there hasnt been a quintillion sequels made from this awesome movie.
10/10 man cooool
Where did all the working links go? I just watched this yesterday.
Oy IMO UP is better though this film is totally rad! :P Can't wait for monsters inc: Monster University and Finding Nemo 2:P

I agree another great movie by Pixar.

Oh man...
this is going to be THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!! :up: :up: :D :D :fresh: :fresh: :cool:
By far the best movie to come out of Pixar to date. How high can the bar go?
Went to George's friends (Mark, James, Elisa, and I) and family (his sister) screening of The Incredibles. I was really looking forward to it, especially since Iron Giant (same director) is one of my favorite animated features. George has been hyping this movie up so much too.

Anyway, it's great to see a really good film after utter crap like Twins Effect II. This movie is a fun and exhilarating ride! That's my generic quote. After the setup, the film's pacing turns into overdrive. It moves by so fast. All those chase scenes with the kid are very exciting. I also like all the cool robots and spaceships. One thing I always admire about Pixar is that they always know how much detail to have in each particular scene and still have it seem simple and easy to digest. The film looks great, especially the scenes in the island. The hair and clothe effects are the best :) Seriously, I'm pretty amazed by the hair effects. It might be a little bit too violent for little kids tho. I also think boys will like this movie more than girls.

Oh, the short that accompanies the film is pretty good too. A nice little surprise for me also is a trailer for Pixar's next, Cars.
Team America: World Police - Arguable one of the worst films I've seen this year. 3 of my points for this film come from the songs, and the last point comes from interesting puppets. That's about it though.

The Incredibles - Very appropriately named.

I Heart Huckabees - Way too contrived and spent about 3 times more time than it needed to getting it's idea across. But then, sometimes people just like to watch themselves be clever for the sake of watching themselves be clever. I give it points for solid acting and good directing, but aside from that there isn't much here to watch.

Shall We Dance - I haven't seen the Japanese version but I really enjoyed this movie. I'm a sucker for sappy heart-string-pulling, emotional-button-pushing movies. I wasn't that interested in seeing it but I knew that once I did I would probably enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to the Japanese one now.
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