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The In-Laws 2/10

This film does not warrant a "review". Just don't see it. I shouldn't have. Don't.
zero / *****

The unrealistic nature of the story was an overwhelming annoyance. The only laugh I got out of the film was watching the sexually confused drug smuggler try to act.
Stupid, stupid, stupid movie! the only thing that kept me watch was the guy that played the son. I love that guy he was so great in the tv "2 guys a girl and a pizza place" he played Burg.
Unrealistic, but fun.

6/10 :fresh:
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Album: One On One

I'm tired of playing on the team
It seems I don't get time out anymore
What a change if we set the pace face to face
No one even trying to score
Oh oh I can feel the magic of your touch
And when you move in close a little bit means so much
Ooh yeah, you've got to understand baby
Time out is what I'm here for
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow

You can't tell me you don't miss me girl
I think I might know you too well
Wonder what you'd say if you knew that I was coming tonight
Want to? I want you can't you tell

One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow
That's all you need to know now

'Cause if it's really right there's nothing else
One on one I want to play that game tonight...


I have watched movies this week...
Sorry guys... I'm really very poor giving rich ratings to those goddam movies..

that's all for now... kinda feeling sick...

gotta go
Movie Ratings:
The Weight of Water - :fresh: 7/10
A deeply intriguing, yet sometimes heavy-handed film, The Weight of Water suffers from bad editing and an ultimately obvious storyline.
Some scenes are utterly moving and poignant, but are cut away at the wrong moments- losing atmosphere and connection with the characters, especially the modern day protagonists. The overall tone of the film is beautiful and inviting, and the casting and acting is excellent, but the highlight of the film is the script.

The In-Laws - :rotten: 3/10
A painfully unfunny movie, with only small humorous moments from Albert Brooks, The In-Laws is a failure.
Michael Douglas comes off as pretentious and arrogant, and the supporting cast is mostly bland and cliche. The film had a good premise, but direction and editing problems were obvious. The same jokes are recycled, and from the start The In-Laws is predictable and totally unamusing.

Eraserhead - :fresh: 6/10
A brilliantly weird and nightmare-ish film, with intriguing ideas and strange images throughout.
Although not always understandable, Eraserhead creates such an intense atmosphere that anything on screen leaves the viewer transfixed, confusedly perhaps! Many images are powerful and a little weird, but all are so beautifully constructed. The acting is deliciously offbeat, and Jack Nance is great. Overall, a sublime whimsical journey, leading nowhere.
Good Comedy.

Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks make a fantastic comedy duo in this fun comedy.

Very simple , not much to it. but i found it very amusing.

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