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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009

A traveling theater company gives its audience much more than they were expecting...

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Imdb rating: 6.9

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interesting movie good story line and a good cast just felt like an alice in wonderland knockoff tho I give it a 6.5/10 its an ok movie worth watching.
hey mr intelligent. not everyone watches terminator and eats bic macs. why don't you go learn how to spell before you insult Americans.
A great movie with a great cast. Loved every minuet of it.
Terry Gilliam is Doctor Parnassus! He is taking us into the deep regoins of our mind and shows us who we are. This is what cinema looks like when it becomes art. The film is so rich looking, stylized and captivating. The camera works fits the story, helping to tell this strange fantasy adventure into the minds of us all. Terry Gilliams films require a certain intellect. Dr. Paranassus in multi layered, complex and fun. A fitting farewell to a great actor, Heath Ledger.
Well after seeing this movie i was for one taken aback by the imaginative scenes the big headed police coming in to save toni but causing their own death, the materialistic rich woman, the thief, liar and minipulator, the sweet young daughter that just wants to escape from the troubles of her everyday life into the picture perfect life of happiness, and of course the not so imaginative jesture of the poor african american child and the caucassion woman who wants to adopt him out of pitty. the story line whimsical enough to hold its own without injecting the everyday plight of those who are less fortunate in life. Though the life of doctor parnassus has struggled with his choices in life he finally finds his release in the death of toni and the life of his daughter in her happiness. worth seeing if your a fan of the cast and writter or of the mind boggling fantasies of others.
One has two choices with this movie......spend $8.50 on a ticket and 2 hours with your brain fried, or take a hit of LSD. The effect, I assure you, will be the same.
This was a great film! Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp were fantastic. Jude Law not nearly as good but his part was small and you forget him very quickly. Imaginative and very entertaining. Excellent film!
A hash of boring drivel driven by the conceits of people who were never that interesting to begin with.
I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I thought the interplay with the different actors was well done. A typical pick for Heath Ledger. He never chose a film to be famous, he just wanted to play the part to the best of his ability.
This is truly an incredibly movie that anyone with an imagination will enjoy. Visually stunning, with incredible acting and a magnificent motley crew of characters, this movie is by far one of Terry Gilliam's best movies to date.That are times when you really feel as though you are watching a real life version of one of his iconic Monty Python sketches. With a touching dose of humanity, and a generous portion of madness, this is one of those movie's you NEED to see on the big screen.
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