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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem...

Release Date:
November 22, 2013
146 min
Francis Lawrence
Joel Rogers, Amanda Plummer, Lynn Cohen, ...
Thriller, Action, Adventure, ...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.7

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It was better than the first.
@Bandog What??? What are you talking about??? She cried just as much in the first one, easily. Examples: when she takes Prim's place, when she says goodbye to the little girl who gets killed, when she's shivering in the rain in the flashbacks, several times during the Game itself, etc. Go watch it again if you don't believe me. And if you're wondering why this one is darker (more depressive, as you put it), The Empire Strikes Back set a precedent over 30 years ago that is still going strong, so if you didn't expect the middle entry of this major franchise to be darker, then I don't know why you watched this in the first place.

As for saying it has less action, I have to debate that point too. IMO, its action is just as good as the first, and I'm pretty sure it has just as much (with far better special effects I might add!). Just because they do a deeper exploration of the themes and characters in this one, and take more time to do so and get to the Games, doesn't mean it has "less action," or "doesn't move as fast." Not everything in a movie has to be constant movement and action anyways.

Anyways, I saw this in theaters and I'm gonna finally watch it again right now. I liked the original, but this one cemented the series (for me) as one of the best ongoing movie series at the moment. Its that good IMO, which is crazy cause I've never even read the books! But honestly, if this movie doesn't meet your expectations, and you actually wanted to see this movie, then you were straight-up expecting the wrong things, sorry to say.
@wok75 yes im sorry i used the wrong u sad. she is different character like in the first one. thank u for correcting me and understanding. @jrgammer1313 wow. let me help .dont be afraid its not gone happen. i got 8 years combat in the military and multiple deployment its really not locking at all that we will end up like a MOVIE. this is not gone happen just trust me i have been all over the world .its a well written MOVIE and u should see it like it. have fun watching it. i have been place u myth not heard of them and this is not our future. i make sure u are safe its my job. off course u always can grab a ticket to irag 1400$ afghanistan 1650$ ore somalia i dont know how much. dont believe me .go. and when u come back ( if u come Back ) lets talk again if u really believe a MOVIE is gone be our not scare sorry if i hurt anyone. i try to stay as neutral i can. im not perfect. i watch a movie what it is....a Movie... its worth the watch 8/10
This movie seems pretty racist (I forget what district it is)
And I agree with bandog slightly it's not that the movie is more depressing it's just the main character and personally I thought the acting was pretty dull
@jrgamer1313 So what district do you live in?
it's really catching katniss everdeen w8 for third part.releasing in end of year.
The action seemed alot more realistic than the first
i just watched it and its ok... i expected more because of the first one... the first one is action fighting and moving and then suddenly this one different direction , more depressive and she is suddenly crying a lot.. i cant tell u more because i would spoil it... but if u watch it for it self and dont expect to much then its entertaining . i make all the time the same mistake first one cool so second has to be good to !! (NO) but definitive worth the watch 8/10
Hoffman was really great in this also, what are they going to do with his character from here on in though?
Really enjoyed it, and good acting by Jen.
waiting for the revenge ! 9/10
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