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The Hunger Games 2012

Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete...

Release Date:
March 23, 2012
142 min
Gary Ross
Sam Ly, Kelly Collins Lintz, Woody Harrelson, ...
Drama, Thriller, Action, ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 7.3

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ehehe :D don't get me wrong either but atleast there was some actual killing in Twilight and got my ex in a good mood :P
Can't believe I'm saying this but this is actually worse then Twilight.. Another prove that American teenage girls have no common taste concerning films XD Bad acting, weak and very predictable story line.. A soft teenage drama rip of from films like the Tournament >.
'The Hunger Games' Weekend Box Office: $155 Million
Sorry, Bella....
When it comes to box-office odds, Katniss Everdeen had everything in her favor. "The Hunger Games" scored $155 million in North American ticket sales this weekend, the third highest opening weekend of all time, according to estimates from Lionsgate.

Only "The Dark Knight" ($158.4 million) and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" ($169.1 million) have had stronger opening weekend showings, giving "The Hunger Games" the highest "non-sequel weekend premiere" ever. ....
The $155 million bounty also outranked every entry in the "Twilight" series, including the franchise's biggest opener, "New Moon," which started with $142.8 million when it bowed in November of 2009.
great film 10/10
I definitely liked the book better, but the movie is interesting, fast-paced, and gives a good overview. People who watch the movie may think it is all about fighting, etc. if they don't look deeper, but the book brings it more into focus.
I thought Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) did well with her role. She portrayed with it strength, integrity and grace. The story itself though, i found depressing. Jennifer Lawrence has displayed some very good acting abilities in many of her previous and upcoming movies.

very well done movie

Weak movie imo.

good to watch but i must say it's not that great ! i give it 5/10

Just as lame and boring as the book.

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