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I just adore this movie. One of my favorites (even tho Dias is not) Lol. I have seen this now several times and will no doubt watch again in a few months...
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I had to fast forward through a few boring bits, but overall, it was a cute movie.
Oh this has become one of those movies I watch when I just want to feel good. Its romantic and just so enjoyable to watch. Its a great cast- the chemistry between them superb. Even though the plot is quite simple the depiction of the characters added depth making them believable and oh so likeable. Its really sweet and makes you smile :)
If you are one of those people who enjoy those romantic "chick flicks", then watch it. If not, don't. I laughed at all the sad parts.
This movie was actually cute. Just enough to put a smile on your face.
I watched "The Holiday" for the second time today. I like to watch movies at least once before I give them a solid rating. Although technically a romantic comedy, I enjoyed this film a lot. There's something about it that gives me a warm feeling, perhaps the combination of two of my favorite things: Christmas and England.

Jude Law and Jack Black were the other factors that made "The Hoilday" quite enjoyable. Jude Law is a distinguished and solid actor, and I've seen him play very few poor roles. He adds a sense of emotion, being the divorced father/womanizer. His accent does something to the role as well, it adds to the "warmth" I explained before.

But Jack Black was the focal point for me. I loved seeing him in a dramatic role. And he carried his fresh genre very well. He added comic relief where needed and also did quite well in emotional parts of the film. Black was very believable in his role, despite being famous for making an ass of himself.

Honestly, the women didn't do much for me. Winslet is good in most that she takes on, but in this movie it was the male performers that stole the show.

But I was really let down by the ending. It just showed the four main characters, united at last, dancing around with Law's family. It didn't have much closure at all. Did the women switch places for good? Did everyone live happily ever after? Nothing answered...

"The Holiday" is a movie that gives off immense warmth and showcases a change in pace for the career of Jack Black, but the ending leaves something to be desired.
I loved "The Holiday" and consider it one of my favorite romantic movies of all time, and I do not agree with any of the bad reviews! I loved the story, the acting, the scenery, everything. And I wish we could know what happened after it ended.
The Holiday (2006)
Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet & Jack Black.

Two women with man problems switch houses (one in a gorgeous country cottage in England, the other in a mansion in Los Angeles) in order to escape their men and their lives. (wish I could) They each find love in their new surroundings with the "right" kind of guy leaving the bad boys behind.

The story and the acting are very forced and contrived. Even Kate Winslet (who is usually a very good actress) can't seem to deliver this implausibly dumb script with any believability or genuineness. I usually love Jack Black and his whole self-aggrandizing, Tenacious-D persona; but, in this movie, he seems creepy. Diaz seems to just be reading from cue-cards.

I would dread spending ten minutes IN PERSON with any one of these boring characters which made the idea of sitting back for two hours & 20 minutes and observing their awkward tedium on screen simply a chore

The movie is shot beautifully; but its go-nowhere, time-wasting, tiresome pace is a real slog from start to finish.
Cameron Diaz cannot act in this one. She ruined the movie. Jude Law was a natural, believable, and Kate Winslet's amazingly deep and heartfelt performance was buried by Diaz's nervous, witless portrayal. Kate Winslet and Jude Law should be in a movie of their own. I'm glad I saw this one through, though, for the scenery (including Law) and the sweetness of Winslet's story with Eli Wallach.

Yes, this is a film that I liked entirely too much. Really, there are very few actual redeeming qualities here. Kate Winslet gives a good performance as this might be the first time I've ever seen her play the role of a weaker person, and she pulls it off well. Also, Hans Zimmer's score is really nice. Frankly, his score manipulated me into liking the characters and feeling for their situations. Really, this movie is nothing more than your average chick flick, but I'd be fibbing if I didn't admit that I somewhat enjoyed it. Oh, and the Surrey, England setting doesn't hurt either.
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