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Such an amazing movie! Such great stories,some really tug at your heart while others leave u laughing so hard u can't breathe and some just make you smile & it all comes together so perfectly.amazing,beautifully done I'd recommend to everyone!
Was ok ...
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Just AMAZING!! Must see!
5/5 Such an amazing movie, very emotional. The story is so touching and i absolutely cried my eyes out at the ending. Teaches you a lesson about the impact it has on people when you treat them like that. We are all equal, no matter what color our skin is, no matter where we live, what our job is or anything else. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don't skip this movie, it's absolutely wonderful!
Bryce Dallas Howard did not receive the nominations she deserved for this film and I will forever feel some type of way about it.
10/10 all day long heart wrenching at times but wow outstanding film pure outstanding
Well, I don't know any of the actors but I wonder if that actually matters when they deliver such a great movie. It really called for my attention. It sure breaks the image of 'perfection' many people has about the '60s.

A great movie, the characters and story line was great. Had humorous parts and sad parts, overall just great.

awesome...a ten for sure.

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