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The Heat 2013

An uptight FBI Special Agent is paired with a foul-mouthed Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug lord...

Release Date:
June 28, 2013
117 min
Paul Feig
Michael Rapaport, Thomas F. Wilson, Marlon Wayans, ...
Comedy, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 6.6

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Surprisingly hilarious. Definitely check this out if you Like buddy cop movies, and Bridesmaids.
I love me some Sandra! She always plays the FBI tough girl role (i.e. Miss congeniality) nevertheless i still love everything she does (except gravity) This movie is hilarious!
this is the funniest movie of 2013 if you know the better one let me know, but for now this is the best comedy of 2013 second on my list is we are the millers
Has some funny parts. McCarthy and her non stop f bombs are the movie. Without her its just another Sandra Bullock snoozer.
Funniest movie of the year
best comedy movie of 2013
hahaha great movie , very funny and entertaining
I've heard wonderful reviews about this, but I laughed only once.
I love McCarthy, and I like Bullock... but I didn't like this film at all. 2/10. I feel bad about not liking it, but it just wasn't my type of humor at all. I like witty, clever, sometimes rather dark humor. This was mostly abusive, physical humor.
Great feel good movie 8/10. Very enjoyable and funny cast members.
Funny! Nothing exactly new as subject, but really a funny movie... some scene are really ilarious (the tracheostomy is epic) Suggested! TY SM!
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