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The Hamiltons 2006

Four young adult siblings try to fend for themselves after the mysterious death of their parents. But they harbor some dark secrets which include abducting and killing strangers, and...

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Imdb rating: 5.2

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I've watched all the The Horrorfest films and i wont lie most of the time only 2 or 3 i really liked this was from the first horrorfest and was one the more enjoyable one for myself along with Dark Ride ''my fav'' & Penny Dreadful, this one was a pretty fresh take on the vampire genre at the time if a fan of vamp horror i'd definitely give it a try
This movie was just ok. A family of blood sucking vampires. All the brothers were insane with a demented sister. I believe the most gruesome part was when the brother and the sister double teamed the sisters friend and had her for dinner. Other than that the movie was pretty predictable. I rate this movie a 5/10★.
This was the second and FINAL film shown today, Sunday the 19th, as part of the "8 Films to Die For" horror event. And I must say that this film, The Abandoned and Wicked Little Things were my favorites. This film's ONLY problem again was with some of the dialogue. A little cheesy at times but VERY rarely. I do not want to ruin the "twist" for anyone who has not seen this yet. But then again, after today many of you may not get a chance for a long time to view this one. A story of a family of 4 brothers and one sister trying to fit in and find their place in life after both parents die. Boy oh boy, do they have some DARK secrets beneath it all. Not one, but MANY dark secrets. I am glad they saved this for last at the festival as I really do believe it was one of the best. Here is my ranking of the "8 Films to Die For">>>

1. The Abandoned
2. The Hamiltons
3. Wicked Little Things
4. Dark Ride
5. Unrest
6. Reincarnation (Rinne)
7. The Gravedancers
8. Penny Dreadful
The Hamiltons

'The Hamiltons' is an eerie film that'll catch your attention and never let go. It takes a concept that isn't necessarily original, but is executed in a way that's unique and vastly entertaining. For a debut film, The Butcher Brothers prove their writing and directing abilities in a way that's superior to most of what's out there today, their eye for terror both refreshing and innovative. And with a crop of rising actors whose talent holds great potential, 'The Hamiltons' is outright one of the best and most enjoyable horror films to come out this year. It may give you reason to take a second look at your neighbors next time you see them.

Two-Word Review
Brooding Darkness

If you saw this movie when it originally aired at Horrorfest, it probably made a decent filler film and would seem better amongst the others. It probably made a good break in festivities to take a piss or get a snack; but for riveting entertainment, this film does not offer. It's pretty boring for being in the horror genre, and definitely doesn't offer much of what horror usually does. It's like a melancholy narrative on a dysfunctional family, with a tweaked plot involving murder for survival. I only give it a 3 for the chicks, and even then they're kind of...meh.

Big disappointment.

The Hamiltons is a really strange film with quite surprising twist for those who do not look carefully. The movie is about some spooky family who is in the habit of murdering young women. The plot centers on Francis, the youngest member of the family who thinks he does not fit in and tries to save one of his brothers' victims. There is practically no gore in this one, but the film definitely delivers some scares which stems more from psychological violence than gruesome effects. Moreover, the gloomy, sepulchral atmosphere prevails and there is no place for laughs. In fact, the biggest drawback of the film is its slow pace which basically kills the whole movie not making you involve in the story or unlikable, underdeveloped characters. I think there was not enough material to cover the full-length film, but the script surely could have been transformed into a great episode of Masters Of Horror. All in all, compared with horror flicks produced nowadays this is not a bad effort. Although still viewable and scary at times, The Hamiltons required better execution.

My Rating: 5.2/10

I should have reviewed the last two in this series when I watched them, but alas, it wasn't important enough. So, short and sweet. The Hamiltons are a family of vampires. Lame, predictable, and really drawn out. I know this isn't really a review, but screw it. This movie sucks.
Diary of a Cannibal is a horror movie? It barely even qualifies as a movie, period. Utterly bafflingly bad. I'm still a little traumatized by how dumb and boring it was. It hasn't even ended and I'm in here tearing it a new one.

OK, this is hilarious. I just looked up the only review on RT of this piece of shit and the reviewer says the exact same thing I said--this does not even qualify as a movie. Good god. This movie makes me want to kill myself. It's got to be the worst movie I've ever reviewed and it's probably the worst I've ever seen.
The plot was different than the other 7 films of the "8 Films To Die For." Most of the characters were shallow. The acting performances by everyone were tolerable, except the characters they played in the movie. The violence and torture were nothing new or shocking. I'll only applaud this movie for its surprise ending.

The story about a murderous family of cannibals is one of the oldest and most overused elements in horror today. And like most things overused, the murderous family clich
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