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The Guns of Navarone 1961

A British team is sent to cross occupied Greek territory and destroy the massive German gun emplacement that commands a key sea channel...

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Imdb rating: 7.6



Great film off to watch the sequel!!!!!!
well enjoy fans about to indulge in it myself it's on this!!!!!!
Outstanding WWII movie with Gregory Peck n the lead role. Filmed in Greece, so the scenery, etc, are authentic.

A team of good ol' chaps is sent to the island of Navarone in order to destroy two badass mofo cannons preventing the ally forces from attempting any kind of assault on it. First, they must get there by sea, disguising themselves as fishermen and then they've got to climb some huge cliff. From there, they have to make contact with the local resistance and eventually make it in the German base and plant the explosives. Their chances of success are slim, if somehow even existent.

The problem with this movie, in my opinion, is that it doesn't feel like a war movie, it feels like an adventure one, especially during the first part. In the second part, the pace drags, the characters argue, it gets melodramatic, people cry, others get slapped in the face and some even get involved in hot WWII sex. The whole thing feels a bit... constipated.

The action isn't very good either. The sound effects are pretty inaccurate and sometimes, the machine guns fighting sequences just get silly. Some guy throws a grenade in the middle of a field and a guy 30 meters away from there falls dead on the ground, perfectly synchronized with the rest of his platoon. Makes it hard to believe.

Anyway, it still is enjoyable, since the basic premise of a few experts facing an army of German remains interesting to see. Another thing of interest is how the group manages to accomplish most of its mission even though they're encumbered by one of their own wounded.

I'm just churning bullshit now, I think I'll stop.

Comments pending.


Based on the classic Alistair Maclean novel, the story is about a crack team of Allied soldiers who land in German occupied "Navarone", an island which contains 2 powerful guns. These guns control a vital passage of the sea and no ship could escape them.

The fate of 2000 Allied soldiers on a nearby island depends on the guns being destroyed, else evacuating them would be impossible as the Germans are readying for an all-out assualt on them. But, are the Germans getting some inside help as the crack team faces problem after problem?


"Awesome awesome" locales, great acting by an all-star cast (Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn to mention a few) and a movie that keeps the action rolling!


Veteran war story lovers will be right at home, but for others, it's a hit or miss


If you love war stories, this is one must see. Even if you don't like them, i'd urge you to give this classic a try. Two thumbs up, way up! :up: :up:

MY Rating: 9/10 :fresh:
(i'm a big fan of classic war movies!)

A bit overlonging, but it`s still good and it keeps political meaning good and stops it going too american. Peck`s character is dull, but Niven and especially Quinn give good performances.
Such a goddamned entertaining film, that never really lets up. It's filled with great performances, especially by Peck, who is really charismatic and impassioned. A Must See.

The Guns of Navarone (1961)

I'm not a big fan of war movies but really enjoyed this movie. Maybe it's because it's completely fictional although you wouldn't know it by watching it. I just loved the actors in this movie and above the all the atmosphere. I loved the way this movie looked and it made it very easy to watch.
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