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The Grudge 2004

An American nurse living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim...

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People who use to stay up until late night dont watch it. fu**ing scary.
This one will get under your skin. Enjoyed and hated.

Yeah might do, im just going through all 3 of the films at the moment, just thought i would watch something a little different from the horrors that are coming out now.

I love Japanese horrors, something different from the Sh*t you get now.

i loved this movie, its awesome!!

Some really good scares despite some pacing problems and story flaws. If you like Japanese horror, this ones for you. I liked for a kickoff to the Halloween week. Much better than the Dam Seed of Upchucky......
That's it. I am never watching another Japanese horror movie or an American re-make of a Japanese horror movie. I went to go see The Grudge tonight with two of my best friends (I wish that Sarah would've been there to see me scream and hide my eyes every 5 minutes). I had the same problem with The Ring two years ago.

I will not sleep tonight for fear that a little, pasty Japanese boy will meow like a cat at me and some weird Japanese chick will crawl in my bed and make this weird clicking/groaning sound and then kill me.

Like most films in this particular genre (that of being adapted from a Japanese film) it keeps the eerie, zapped of color atmosphere. It also retains the creepy and disturbing visuals that will haunt you for days along with sounds that you keep expecting to hear any minute. Like little Samara Morgan whispering over the phone receiver "Seven Days" or the sound of the vhs tape in The Ring.

The story itself revolves around Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a nursing student in Tokyo. Not only is she lost in translation, but she also gets tangled up with a cursed house. Anyone who steps into it dies. Evidently, a horrible crime was committed there and the rage of the crime lives on, attacking anyone who crosses its path.

The scariest part for me is when the sister of the owners of the house is followed by the little boy and then the woman slithers down the stairs to her--her black hair only exposing her eye and pasty skin. Then she ends up in the sister's bed, which to me was visually the most horrifying scene of the film. It's a scene that will assure me no sleep tonight in my own bed.

It was a good film and scared me to bits. However, I WILL NOT BE SEEING IT AGAIN. EVER. If you see it and say that it wasn't that scary, then call me a weenie all you want, but it f-ed with my head.

I'll be back on sunday. I will be reviewing the Green Day/New Found Glory/Sugarcult show I will be attending here in the 'Ville.

:rotten: I spent my money on this movie...mind you I got my military discount(saved me $2.25)...but this movie sucked more than "The Ring," ...which spite other's giggling...I LOVED! The movie left you wondering, everytime you were about to get scared the scene ended. The graphics were pretty gorey, but not satisfing. I give it a 1, becuase they deserves a "O"...i do NOT reccomend you going to see this movie...espceially not in the threatres!:down:
Scary. Fun.
...that against my better judgement, I went to see this movie even though the trailer, much less the title of the movie, didn't appeal to me but since Halloween is a week away, I decided to see it anyway and I'm kicking myself for it. The story was silly, uninvolving and I was annoyed in the end; it was just plain awful!! I'm just glad I got a refund (well, actually a movie pass for future use) but still a waste of my time!! Easily the worst movie of the year!! Be warned and avoid at all cost!!

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