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Movie trailer


ha thanx... donnie yen not jet li. you got me demoted... lol

you are right though this movie was very slow and should have used traditional hong kong less dialogue more action.
ps log me out before you post sweetie.
the ip man prequel that is about his education is real good
Thank you!! I'm a martial artist myself and its such a waste to do a movie like this....
no jet li was a bad move
This movie was very disappointing compared to the first 2 Yip Man movies with Donnie Yen.
It probably has a better storyline for dedicated Yip Man historians, but the fighting and overall epic feelings stirred by the first 2 movies, weren't present in this one.
Feels so unreal when he is fighting, common... can a kick really make someone fly THAT far?
I agree with Bruce Lee, we need to have real martial art fighting in movies and not stupid stunts like these...
Watch the first 2 Ippo Man movies then this. See the difference. Wasted 5 minutes

Beautiful, stylish (albeit rather sterile) and dreamy ballet on ropes. 7/10
I am a big fan of the IP man series. But I never knew about this side of the story. This was a very good movie, touching in fact. I do believe the lil shorty at the end was lil Bruce. I'll always think it was anyway. 8 out of 10 only because I'd like to have seen more fights. The fights I saw were terrific though.
was the little kid at the end supposed to be bruce lee
I know its awesome! I just saw the trailer yesterday on tv had no idea Solar was so ahead of the game! Excellent movie for Martial Art/Ip Man fans!
Thats only the US release. It released in China and Hong Kong back in January.
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