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The Goonies 1985

In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate's ancient treasure...

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The Goonies. One of my childhood favorites. A great movie with a great cast. The acting is great. It stars Rudy...Sam...or other wise Sean Astin. And that asian kid from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Haha. This movie is so much fun.
MANIC -- Not as good as I'd heard, but pretty good. The story follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a mental hospital because of his anger problem. The cinematography is good, but it's a pretty slow film. Good acting. 7/10

LITTLE OTIK -- LITTLE OTIK was really great, although not as good as the director's own ALICE, which is very much in the same style. LITTLE OTIK is about a couple who are unable to have a child, so the husband makes one out of a tree. And it becomes alive, like in the children's fairy tale. 9/10

PERSONAL VELOCITY -- A showcase for good acting, and an engrossing drama told in three parts. It's sort of a woman's empowerment film, each part dealing with different aspects of being a woman, and being strong and independent. Definitely highly recommended. Starring Parker Posey, Fairuza Balk, and Kyra Sedgwick. 9/10

THE GOONIES -- I finally saw this film for the first time in over ten years. I didn't remember a single frame of THE GOONIES, but it was great fun and I'm glad I finally got around to watching it again after so long. 9/10

The Goonies (1985): 10/10

A group of misfits embark on a perilous treasure hunt.
a really good family though many say its a family movie and i just happened 2 watch it on cartoon network on a TV-14 ratig i wouldnt advise it as a family film though its PG
I think that nearly everyone who grew up in the 1980s has seen this film at some point. When I think of 'The Goonies', I am always brought back to my childhood. This is a very 1980s film, and it is very nastalgic for those of us who grew up with it. I would even say that this is one of the best films of my childhood. It had virtually everything going for it: treasure maps, kids in control of their destinies, pirate ships, deformed and misunderstood Sloth, humor with outcast and overweight Chunk, revenge, 'booby' traps, evil/creepy Italians, and I could go on and on. There's a lot this film has going for it, and its highly engaging plot ensures that children will not be bored. Even, it is a little bit silly. The kids make this film what it is, and they are the ones that save the day. They outsmart the evil Fratellis and get the treasure. And, who could not find the scenes with Sloth and Chunk highly amusing, especially when Chunk confesses everything that he has done wrong? This is a pure gem. Very good, and it still brings back laughter into my 20s.
Only bad thing about this movie was that it ended.

Heyyyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyys
(*** 1/2)

In the small coastal town of Astoria, a rich land developer is set to purchase the land of a number of local residents. The families do not wish to go but appear to have no choice. Brandon and his younger brother, Mikey, live in a large house and the attic is full of the town historical artifacts. The two of them and a band of local children go plundering through the attic and find an old treasure map. The group of children call themselves the Goonies. They hope to find the treasure and prevent their families from losing their homes. Besides solving puzzles and overcoming booby-trapped caverns, there is a group of escaped convicts on their trail in an attempt to steal their treasure.

"More amazing then the time Michael Jackson came over to your house to use the bathroom?"

Richard Donner, director of Timeline, 16 Blocks, Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3, & 4, Maverick, Scrooged, Ladyhawke, The Toy, Superman I & II, The Omen, directs The Goonies. Donner collaborates with Stephen Spielberg in the presentation of this magnificent film. The Goonies is a story of misfit children who are outcasts in their own schools but triumph in life. They must triumph as a team as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The cast was brilliant; and Sean Astin and Cory Feldman deliver wonderful performances. As a kid, Data was my favorite character but I think Chunk is my now.

"If god meant for it to be that way, you'd all be pissing in your faces."

The jail escape, truffle shuffle, Rosie the new maid, tying up Brand, Brand on the little girl bicycle, Brand being run off the road, water pipes sequence, wishing well, Chunk interrogation, Mikey's first kiss, men's room conversation, and the arrival of Sloth were my favorite scenes of this film. I am not sure why the octopus scene was edited out of the film; I believe it can be seen in the deleted scenes menu. Data references the octopus in the closing interview, which confused me as a child.

"You smell like Phys Ed."

I viewed this film many times on HBO growing up. All can enjoy this classic children's film. If you enjoyed this film, you would also enjoy the Never Ending Story, which is also a children's classic. This film possesses fantastic special effects, scenes, sets, and subplots. As a child Goonies easily sparks the imagination and you find yourself wrapped up in wanting to be a part of the group.

"First you have to do the truffle shuffle."

Grade: A
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