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The Goonies 1985

In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate's ancient treasure...

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A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map.

Kids movie really; i presonally like the film, its a cult classic. It is what it is one of those 80's movies that makes you laugh by its sillyness. Liked it.

My favorite film as a child and still a favorite now.
Kind of a kids version of Indiana Jones, creative and fun, nothing outstanding, but it's very well made, good special effects, enjoyable acting and a wonderful diversion. Very very enjoyable with a great pace.
Don't you just love these movies.

The goonies
A classic for me, I still get a kick out of this movie and would recommend to ages above 10. It's an adventure ride all the way thru.

Another classic. Although the special effects have come so far since this movie. I still think it was one of the best of its time. Love the storyline.
Well well well. 80's kids movies. This one I am sure has it's appeal for the youngins. I certainly can't say it's TERRIBLE, but GREAT? Mmmm....not from my 24 yr old eyes. I gues if I want to see what 80's kids were up to I'll stick to Punky Brewster. And that's the way it is.
I watched the horror movie Candyman (early 90s) and the kid's movie Goonies (mid 80s) over the weekend. I enjoyed both immensely. Goonies especially.

The effects in Candyman really hold up well. Everything is real looking and gross as hell! That hooked arm is some slended special effects work...nothing fake about it. Yuck! The storyline loses a little in repeat viewings but it's still some impressively disturbing storytelling. The action is uniformly great for a horror film. It's like they took the distinctly 80s slasher concept and upgraded everything to make it more moody and realistic. Humorless slasher horror like classics Halloween, etc: it's a sweet thing. I hope the Halloween remake can get at least this right. 8/10 :fresh:
One of the worst movie I have ever seen. Who will ever thought Chris Columbus would be able to bring magic in Harry Potter years later.
I guess I'm the only person who didn't get this one. Definitely see it because it is a classic, but idk, just didn't like it that much, although I will say I have whipped out the Sloth impression every once in a while.
Funny, clever, creepy, suspenfull, and full of adventure this movie has just about everything in it!

They don't make movies like this anymore! LOVED IT!
An adventure masterpiece that is both imaginative and unique that can be loved by anyone, not just the young.

buy it
Classic 80s kid movie that delivers on fun, funny, and friendship. A little too mushy and sentimental at the end, but hits all the right notes during the bulk of screen time.
Funny but predictable. Classic.
The true way kids would love to go hunting for treasure. Pure genius and hilarious!
In today's record sales, CG, and overly done special effects. This might be one of the last true adventure films. This movie is one of the finest adventure movies of all time. I think it pulls out the fun of Indiana Jones, with the adolescent exploration that many hoped they could find in and around their town as kids. I watch this movie for entertainment value, there is no Oscar performances, but it remains a classic for all ages.
I would say that the Goonies is a film perfected for children it has everything that they would want from a movie, treasure, bad guys and loveable characters, not to mention the gadets and gizmos. It is a fully blown, childrens adventure that every kid dreams of having. But it isn't just fun for the children , adults can enjoy the slapstick humour involved as well , and most of the people i know have either heard of it or can quote it. It is a film that will be passed on for years to come and will never grow old with young children of any era. Sure the filming and movie making will get better and the Goonies ia already starting to look old and out dated but the migic it brings within the movie will never grow old and is a perfect example of dreams and friendship.:)
I like this film, it's very enjoyable, and it's a wonderful film. People just like enjoying this movie everyday.
Fun and fantasy with pirates and pots of gold. Many an 80s teen will have this in their collection. Happily Sloth remains an unlikely hero.
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