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The Good Son 1993

A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle, and befriends his cousin who's the same age. But his cousin begins showing increasing signs of violent behavior...

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Whoo boy! There's so much wrong with this one that words can not express it. Mark Evan's (Elijah Wood) parents go away on a business trip and leave him with his cousin's family. Maculay Culkin stars as Henry Evans in this poor excuse for a film.

Directed by Joesph Rubin (Money Train) the film is supposed to be a thriller. It fails to accomplish this goal and instead is just pure crap. You see, Henry Evans is a disturbed young boy who throws dummys off of over passes for sheer fun. He brings his cousin Mark along for the ride and everyone thinks that Mark is the bad one. Everyone shoudl know that the bad kid is bad...but, everyone is so stupidly convinced that it's Mark.

Just another one of those bad films that was made and gives aspiring screenwriters hope everyday. There's no drama, no one to relate to, the acting is pretty bad, and the direction is just bland. The film is like a horrible wedgie that your older brother gives you for no reason. It's unrelentingly bad...

"Almost worth it to see Macauly Culkin's demise. Almost."

Just an aside here...but, I wish that my screen name was Iago. (haha to me).
The movie that destroyed Macaulay Culkin's actor career (it took awhile to revive it). It wasn't a bad movie at all. It was just the character that Culkin played ended his sweet child charm. Culkin was great as the evil son.

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The Good Son (1993): 6/10

The premise is good enough, but the writing was all wrong.This film tried to be really shocking and edgy, but came off really overdramatic and unbelieveible. The casting is ok, and Wood is amazing but Culkin? Evil is not his forte.
I really didnt like the ending, it didnt fit with the rest of the film, but this one is good just to check out.

Mark is a little boy dealing with the loss of his mother. Making matters worse is the fact his father is about to leave on an important business trip to Japan just two weeks after the funeral. Mark stays with his uncle Wallace, Aunt Susan, and his two cousins Henry and Connie during his fathers two week absence. Henry is about the same age as Mark, and the parent's hope that the time spent with his cousins in the quite and conservative confines of the Maine coastline will do him some good. What the parents do not know, is that Henry is a sick and conniving young boy who may be a ruthless killer.

"What a great shot."
"Yeah, but the sights not right yet."

Joseph Ruben, director of Dreamscape, Sleeping with the Enemy, Money Train, the Forgotten, and the upcoming Crazy Dog, delivers the Good Son. The Good Son brought children drama back into the main stream. This storyline reminded audiences how marvelously deviant children can be. It presented a different form of "good versus evil." The presentation of the characters was wonderful, and Macaulay Culkin, Elijah Wood, and Wendy Crewson were all superb in their roles.

"Did you kill Richard?"
"What if I did?"

The smoking scene, the desert funeral, the kids breaking the windows, Henry telling the story of his brother Richard, the dog chasing the kids, Henry shooting the dog, Mr. Highway meeting the highway, the "nobody can touch you" conversation, the vermin references, Connie falling through the ice, Mark trying to tell Susan the truth, Henry makes an appearance at Dr. Davenport's office, the poisoned food scene, and the final scene on the cliff were amongst the better portions of the film.

"No fair? What do you think this is? A game?"

The Good Son spawned an array of children drama films including KIDS, Butterfly Effect, Bully, Mean Creek, and Elephant. The genre remains popular with the anticipated release of Alpha Dog. The inspiration for these films may vary; however, the premise and success of those films can be referred back to this picture. The Good Son reintroduced the children orientated genre to audiences and now each film tries to one-up it. The Good Son remains an interesting picture in its own right.

"I guess you don't know me very well, mom."

Grade: B
Entertaining and easy watching movie, with two cuties Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood.

After his mother dies and his father goes to Japan on a business trip, eight-year-old Mark is sent to live for a few weeks with his cousin Henry and his family. mark see that henry is not a very good the end henerys mother has to make a import dicesion.
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