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The Golden Compass 2007

In a parallel universe, young Lyra Belacqua journeys to the far North to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from terrible experiments by a mysterious organization...

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Imdb rating: 6.1

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wasn´t bad, it was just weird that the peoples souls in this film are called demons, I can´t give it a good rating since the film part 2 didn´t happen so you get a incomplete ending.
Are you serious? They discontinued the sequels because of some idiotic religious movement thinking it was anti-christian? Wish I was stinking, filthy rich in moments like these. I'd have financed ALL of the fuggen sequels and paid such ridiculous amounts to Nicole Kidman, Christopher Lee, etc,... They'd have said 'Yes' in a jiffy! This was so, so, so much better than Narnia (loved the books, hated the flicks!) Disgusted! Pffft! Anyways, most highly recommended 11/10
Great film. It's a shame they will not make the other two films. I read the books before the film came out and loved them. I have been planning to read them again, but I can't find my first book. I was surprised to learn these were an epic fantasy retelling of Paradise Lost, which is one of my favorite things. I wonder if these books instilled something in me when I was younger that I did not realize. Books are recommended to anyone who thinks the film is good... books are much better, obviously.
Link on Solar yea! Going to watch at the weekend!
@Misabel13 Found it!
The Ruby in the Smoke was made by the BBC. Billy Piper played the lead, Sally Lockhart.
Also I founf that BBC radio 4 did `His Dark Materials Trilogy` I know you can buy the audio book but Radio 4 sometimes repeat most of the plays they do.
Hope this was of some help and someone make the sequel!
@adonis1066 Hi! That would be great, thanks :-) I love the books too! I heard it got better ratings in Europe, at least in Denmark it did, anyway, it was too bad :-(
@Misabel13 They thought the same thing in Europe. I did like this film and was looking forward to a sequel to. They made the ending differently than the book to be set up for a sequel.
Iam over 40 and think that the Philip Pullman books are really good. I think the BBC did a mini of one of the books.I will find out and post it here when I find it.
Great movie .. loved the scene of the Battle Bears
First of all, really good movie! I thought it was way better than the chronicles of Narnia ( so did my younger brothers and other kids I spoke to!) and it just had such good promise! I have read the first two books and they are really good and interesting. The books will always (almost) be better than the movie but still as a fantasy movie for children/teens ( even some adults ;-) ) goes, it was quite good! I felt utterly disappointed when I realised that they weren't going to make a sequel. Then discovered that it was because, apparently, there was a whole religious movement against this movie in the U.S. because it was deemed anti-christian.. I am not going to get in to all that but let me just say that I think thats the worst kind of rubbish I have heard ( okay maybe not quite the worst but...still). I mean really? did so many people not go see it because of that and therefore, it got so bad ratings and now the rest of us have to go without seeing a sequel? apparently that is the case. The film in Europe was very popular, then again people weren't really reading subliminal messages into it...but people in Europe don't get to decide so.. case closed. :-( Still some kind of closure had been great, even if it only was a dvd version but obviously that would never happen with the casting they had.
For those who haven't seen it, its a good watch but unfortunately you'll have to live with an open ending, or , just go ahead and read the books, that way you'll know what happens...
The three books that this film was based on were actually very good. The film is good fun, but in comparison to the first novel it is a let down. Personally, I think the imagery and mysticism in the second and third book would make better films. They are much different than this one. Shame, really, that they aren't being made because this was a flop. It was good. 7.8/10
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