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The Ghost and the Darkness 1996

A bridge engineer and an experienced old hunter begin a hunt for two lions after they start attacking local construction workers...

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Imdb rating: 6.8



@spotflare I'm in Texas so the only thing I'll encounter is a mangy Coyote prolly! I wouldn't kill anything unless it went to attack me anyways. I've never been a hunter, but I know how to track/stalk anything from what my dad taught me when we went up from Chicago to Wisconsin in the summers and down here in Texas we used to fire our .22LR with scope about 12 blocks from my house! LOL! Now the city I live in is close to 250,000 people so that's not possible like it was in the late 70's and 80's. Our population has gone from 50k to a quarter million in the 37 years I've lived down here! Anyways, the only place I can shoot my high powered rifles is at the rifle range... I love to shoot those 2 because the first shot from my 7.62 x 54R-mm Mosin-Nagant '44 aka "The Russian Boom Stick" makes the AR wannabe rambo type go "What the F**K was that?" LOL! I've heard that uttered more than once when I take my 2 WW2 big boy rifles out to play! :P Don't get me wrong 5.56 x 45mm NATO is a great little round, but for self defense/Zombie Apocalpyse :P I love a good old hardy bolt action WW2 bolt action battle rifle! ;)
@James_Dean ~ if you can place the shot, you can kill dangerous game with lesser powered cartridges.. the inuit kill polar bears quite efficiently with .223 Rem, but it's HOW they go about it that makes it effective and relatively safe.. patterson was in an elevated position, which was good - but things changed, and that was bad.. best be prepared for any contingency.. you want to be able to hit 'em anywhere and STOP 'em.. you're better off with at least .338 Win Mag and up - .375 H&H Mag, .404 Jeffrey, .458 Lott, .505 Gibbs, etc.. patterson was usin' what was at his disposal and he "sorted it out".
@spotflare Would my Mauser 98 do the job on a Lion? Its 8mm x 57mm? I've also got a Mosin-Nagant that fires 7.62mm x 54R?! I think the Mauser would do the job as the "8mm Mauser" round as they call it is authorized for the "Big 5", I'd still want a Magnum rifle as a backup tho'... like a Winchester .300 Magnum. ;)
Not a bad movie , had a good cast, reasonable budget, just missing something that i can't put my finger on that would have made it a great movie...7.5/10
@Sunbury yeah, good film.. read the book THE MAN-EATERS OF TSAVO when a teenager.. the film is fictionalized but still good.. the caliber patterson actually used was .303 British, not near enough gun for lions.
I am a little perturbed as to why this movie was not at least given an overall B+ rating! It was based on a true story and such emotion and courage was shown through adversity. Even the wonderful line by Val Kilmer "I'm going to sort it out!". The Motherland is beautiful and I just think this movie should get more respect. Is that too much to ask for?
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This movie is a lot of mistakes put together that ultimately both enjoy and annoy. The thing I find the most interesting about this film is the lack of drama, almost every scene were drama would be the better choice the director settles for quick hes dead now shots. Never seeming to take advantage of the films true potential. Never the less the movie is highly enjoyable with plenty of action, mild jokes, and story to keep you interested. Now I do find it strange that they advertise Michael Douglas and Tom Wilkenson being in the movie were Michael is only in about 30 mins and Tom not even half that. I recommend this movie to anyone who feels like they need a good action film with a gripping storyline.

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