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This flick is so shallow I couldn't bear to watch it.
Go was a fun movie. Especially liked the Simon guy. Not perfect, though, so 7/10

Family Man was one of those movies... I thought I liked it when I saw it, but now that I think about it, it really wasn't that good. I'll give it 5/10, because it was enjoyable.

Detroit Rock City is definitely one of the most rewatchable movies ever. At least after Dazed and Confused. I gave Dazed 10/10, so I'm giving this 9/10. Much funnier, but I couldn't relate to this the way I did with Dazed.

Van Wilder is an OK comedy. I've always liked Ryan Renolds. He almost made In-Laws watchable. He just wasn't in it enough to do that. Van Wilder is funny and made me laugh out loud a few times. One hell of a guilty pleasure. 8/10.
This wasnt a bad movie. I just wish the endign was differnet then the way it was. IT reminded me a little bit of a few other movies. On eof thsoe t ypical; what if movies.

This had just come on TV last night when I got in, absolutely drenched, from work.
I changed into my pj's, started towel-drying my hair, grabbed a vodka and decided to give it a shot, I should have seen it a couple of years ago but never got around to it, never wanted to see it with a great passion, y'know?
As it turns out, it's a really...nice movie.
Although there's something that bothers me about the whole 'money isn't everything' message, it seems to portray a very black & white...wait, what am I saying? I don't think it was ever meant to be thought about that deeply.
Smothered in corny, cheesy sentiments & messages but was okay for a rainy Thursday night. It might score higher if I'd watched it on Christmas day.


Happy Friday
I sat through this insipid "warm-feelings-in-cold-weather" movie, and I'm mad at myself for doing so. This movie had a convoluted sci-fi plot combined with a sentimental message that simultaneously made me mad, but curious enough to keep watching.

Tea Leoni's Kate was a hammy over-actor. I wished Nic Cage's Jack would have left her in the dust, and thus ended the movie early.
Again, I went home directly after leaving office for I want to finish seeing DVD I rented from Blockbuster!
I'm not enthusiatic for action film, but Die Hard changed my opinion for some aspects like job, relationship and facing crisis. and it's amazing it had Christmas song to linger. It's no doubt Die Hard is a classic action film. There is a scene bruce Willis make effort to warn about gangsters invaded a building and hostages was locked in it by stolen cell phone, but the female cop was careless replied him and ...I think most public members who serve government, has no brain to think about what is real danger. That's why some disasters happened like 911, whatever real or unreal world. Most of us are lazy to think twice!

Family Man is also a story for Christmas night, Nicholas Cage met an angel and he transferred a different lifestyle. Chinese titled "Turn Back Miracle", my colleague said if she chose, she prefered to be rich. Me too!

And then, Home Alone 1+2, Kevin met aloof friend old man and pigeon woman, same old but I prefer pigeon woman part!
A interesting spin on Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life, this film didn't exactly live up to what I hoped it would.

It was a very intriguing film but there were just parts of it that droned on and on and on.

I could have watched the first 20 minutes or so where Nicolas Cage plays this big, bad, badass character for the entire film. He was pure genius at it. Comical, witty, and perfect. I'd seriously pay to see a film that was entirely about that character.

But then it takes a turn into SAP MODE. I know it's supposed to be a romantic comedy or whatever, but sometimes while watching a film you just want to yell out "No! Don't take the film this direction!" But, sadly, they don't listen to you.

The girl who played his daughter was pretty cute though. She added a bit of comedy to the absurdity of the rest of what was happening.

It just...I don't know. I don't get how he'd give everything up that he previously loved to do. It's stupid to me. I wanted to just shake him and say, "No, this is who you are!" And T
At times, an extremely bizarre movie. This movie will lose you repeatedly but Cage charms his way through the muddy script.
Aside from the countless adaptations of the work of dickens, many writers, directors and artists have been influenced by the morality of the story and the message it sends. In cinema, two movies had continued the dickens' mesage and became wonderful movies

Family Man by Brett Ratner

Thsi is the story of Jack Campbell, a wall street executive that feels that he is the king of the world. Snob, careless and a complete a-hole, receives the visit of an angel who shows him how life could have been if he never choiced his wall street career and if he became a "family guy". At the end, he returns to his life as a wall street and decides to be less selfish.

Both movies had the same premises as "a christmas carol":

We see the past, present and in some way the future of the main characters. We see how george bailey put his dreams aside for the good of others, how life it's now with him and how his life could have been in fe "never borned. In FM we see how Jack's life was before he decided to work in Wall street, how his life is now and how it could have been. Just like the ghosts of the past, present and future christmas in ACC, they see his life from other POV.

Also, there is the spiritual fare of the stories. In ACC there were ghosts..or angels like the ones from IAWL and FM, that make the characters see their actions. Still, the message it's everything but christian, even if the story it's in a christmas scenario.

Other issue it's the "butterfly effect". Just like Scrooge saw that his life can be the difference in the people who surrounds him, George's life helped and infuenced everyone he knew. Jack's actions changed the life of his "couldabeen" wife, kate and also his one.

Like Scrooge, both characters returns to their prior lifes but whit a change of heart.

The message like in ACC it's that we are not islands and although life treat us bad and sometimes we make mistakes, we affect the lifes of anyone and there's always a chance of change.

And you don't have to be christian nor jew nor anyone to understand the message.

Have everyone a merry christmas and a Happy, full of movies, 2006!
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