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I've been contemplating on whether to watch it or not. After watching the trailer and seeing all my favorite action movie stars in it I decided why not. It did not disappoint.
My Friend recommended it to me...not really my taste...they should have focused More on the Story than the Action Scenes.
ahhh, it was okay.. nothin' to write home about.
As much as I like action, the movie seemed to be missing something. I felt it was all over the place and the only good thing about the movie is the action and the people in the movie. No substance and the storyline seemed so weak.

Loved the action and total demolition of anything that can explode. However, the dialogue was quite weak, jokes even weaker.
5/10 only because Terry Crews made me giggle - for being Terry Crews.
It was cool. Though I had a real hard time understanding some of the actors XD

great movie with a great cast!

mine kept freezing on 60 min, not sure if its my net connection or not.

great Movie...

They all look so cute, little, poor puppies... One of the most gay movie on earth, apart from Jet of course who, as a matter of fact, has a "where tf am I?" looks on his face for the ENTIRE movie.

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