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The Emperor's New Groove 2000

Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator Yzma, and must now regain his throne with the help of Pacha, the gentle llama herder...

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Such a great story and worth watching over and over again. Although it's not technically part of the "Disney Renaissance" era that ended in 1999, this movie has earned a place among true Disney classics.

Needed a pick-me-up. It did the trick.
A comedy about standing on your own feet

David Spade, or at least his voice, is absolutely perfect as an extravagant emperor who is turned into a llama in what might be Disney's funniest film, The Emperor's New Groove.

Kuzko is the ruler of many lands. Kuzko rules and makes decision with the benefit of one person in mind...himself. Kuzko's advisor, Yzma, wants to become the ruler. After being fired she slips Kuzko a passion that turns him into a llama. Kuzko is exiled. He finds himself in the presence of a peasant, the same peasant he previously wished to steal his land to build a summer home. Together they must work to right Yzma's curse; however, the peasant, Pacha, wishes to show Yzma how selfish he is.

"It's a good thing you're not a big fat guy or this would be really difficult."

Mark Dindal, director of Cat's Don't Dance and Chicken Little, directs The Emperors new Groove. The voices chosen for this film is outstanding. David Spade (Kuzko), John Goodman (Pacha), and Eartha Kitt (Yzma) were all stupendous and funny. The storyline takes a little while to get started, but once it's moving it is hilarious. The sub characters such as Pacha's wife, children, and Kronk (Patrick Warburton) were also fabulous.

"Pull the lever Kronk."
"This lever?"
"Wrooooong lever."
"Why do we even have that lever?"

The mad scientists suits, the diner scene, the squirrel in the jungle, the waterfall conversation, Kuzko and Pacho falling down the canyon, Kronk talking to the squirrel, the restaurant scene, Kronk playing with the children, the pi

A very funny film. Hovever, the animation isn't up to Disney standards. An entertaining film, but probably isn't one of Disney's classics.
First off, THANK GOD RT IS BACK!!! I was so sick of getting the "under maintenace" page

The review first...the story later...
I had seen The Emperor's New Groove a few years back while baby-sitting, and I didn't like it. Well, I'm here to tell you, saying that to a group of people who like the movie isn't the best thing to I was forced to watch it again.

The Emperor's New Groove has to be on the list of the Worst Disney Animated Films Of All Time. Right there next to The Black Caldron. New Groove is a very empty, bland, dull, boring movie. It doesn't come across as a Disney movie at all. The style, and lack of characters, and what characters there are, the lack of development, is almost tear worthy...It seems as though it's one of those other studio's animated films that is trying to aspire to the greatness of the golden Disney films, but falls short in almost every area but the humour. I will admit, the film did make me laugh out loud at some parts, but in the end, I felt very empty, and that the film itself was just empty. I just don't know how else to explain it without possibly seeing the film yet again. But I don't think I could put myself through that sort of agony for a third time.

Anyhow...Jeremy called me Saturday to invite me to go to the mall with him, realizing my mum's birthday is only two weeks away, I gave her a raincheck to see The Devil Wears Prada, and met Jeremy, Jen, Brittany, and Pat at the mall. I found nothing, *sigh*, and we then went over to Jeremy's to go swimming.

I hate being around Brittany when she's in a two-piece...the girl was complaining that it wasn't until this year that she was able to pass the 100 mark. She actually complains about being too light; though I guess it's better than her complaining that she's over-weight. After, Pat had to go to work, and we made plans that he would call us once he was done and we'd then go do something.

The rest of us headed over to Bridgeport to Borders, where I was able to buy a shoe mousepad for my mum, but didn't find anything else...I'm still searching. I was tempted to purchase Us Weekly, because Keira and Kate were on the cover..."100 pounds!" "Size 0 is Too Small!" Around 10:30, we picked up Pat and went to play pool, girls vs. guys, where the girls won, followed by college kids vs. high school kids, where college kids lost.

We then decided to have a sleepover at Jen's, where we watched The Emporer's New Groove, like three TiVo'ed episodes of Family Guy, an episode of the new Batman cartoon series, where Jen fell asleep with the remote in her hand, followed by an episode of That 70s Show. Jeremy and Brittany had been making anorexic comments about several stars while watching the various shows/commercials. It was making me crazy. Pat and I went to another room to talk, and we made the desision that I should tell the rest of the group. Around 5:30 a.m., we packed up and left; I told Jeremy and Brittany in the car. I informed them that I'm sensitive to the term being used lightly, and didn't have much to say aside from the fact that I am anorexic, I was on the brink of tears as I sat there in the back seat while Pat held my hand. We arrived at my house, and I broke down as Pat walked me to my door.

I haven't talked with anyone since...everyone has been somewhat busy...Pat and I went to go see An Inconvenient Truth Monday, and my mum and I saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday. I felt this entry was long enough as it is, so those reviews are soon to come.
The Emperor's New Groove...the last great animated film Disney put out.

The good:
David Spade. They couldn't have found a better actor to voice Kuzco The script. Very well written, I can't stop laughing from beginning to end Yzma's henchmen get turned into random. 'Umm, I've been turned into a cow, can I go home?'

The bad:
The fact that Disney can't make another animated movie like this Overall:
Even though I am 24 I still love this movie. Something I can sit down and watch and never get sick of. I quote this movie all the time.

Just plain funny. Disney does pretty well with The Emperor's New Groove after a small drought in the feature-length animated business. Emperor's New Groove was probably their best effort since Pocahontas although it is a completely different style. 'Groove' is good because of it's humor along with Disney's usual strength - its storytelling. David Spade proves that he should be an animation only actor. His voiceover is great, and far superior to any live action acting he's ever done. Overall, I recommend The Emperor's New Groove to most. It's entertaining from the get go and doesn't let up.
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