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The Dukes of Hazzard 2005

Cousins Bo and Luke Duke, with a little help from their cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, egg on the authorities of Hazzard County, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane...

Release Date:
August 5, 2005
104 min
Jay Chandrasekhar
Mike Mayhall, Jim Cody Williams, Henry Jaderlund, ...
Comedy, Action, Adventure ...
USA, Australia

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Solar rating: 3.9


Imdb rating: 5



L0ve it! (Deamn redneck)

LAND OF THE DEAD: I was so excited to see this when I got the opportunity to see an advanced screening. I definitely would have been there opening night had I not been able to make this. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of my favorites, and both DAY and DAWN OF THE DEAD, while not as good as the first film, are still classics. And with George A. Romero back for his final zombie masterpiece, I expected no less than perfection.

Actually, I wish that was the case. But honestly, the trailers showed nothing about the actual film itself. It was all about George A. Romero, and nothing about the actual story, so I figured something was wrong. My gut was right, unfortunately. LAND OF THE DEAD was okay, but nothing all that great. Romero never reinvented the genre like I wanted him too. I wanted him to do something different, perhaps turn around the crappy horror trend that's been going on, but, he didn't, instead he just added to the mediocre shit that's been coming out lately.

There are some really awesome parts of the film, where he does some things with the zombies they've never done, and the zombies are cool. It's been really awesome to see them progress throughout the series, and if there is another film in the series, I'm all down, but something tells me there's not going to be much of a profit from this film, and there's most likely not going to be another.

My ratings of all the DEAD films:

Night of the Living Dead - 10/10
Dawn of the Dead - 9/10
Day of the Dead - 8/10
The Land of the Dead - 7/10
Dawn of the Dead (remake) - 10/10

So that's where it's situated, dead last.


THE DUKES OF HAZZARD: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. It really is a good action comedy. I've never seen the TV show, but Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott have really great chemistry, and Jessica Simpson isn't so bad herself. There's a lot of laughs, and a lot of action. I definitely recommend this for a fun night at the movies when it comes out in August!


FUN WITH DICK AND JANE: FUN WITH DICK AND JANE comes out in December, in the slot held by MEET THE FOCKERS last year. A really good comedic film it must be then, no? With the cast and crew involved, you'd think it would be. Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, Alec Baldwin, and Judd Apatow, but no, the movie stunk. Well maybe that's being a little too harsh, but it wasn't very good. There are some really funny parts, but mostly not so good. And most of that credit goes to Jim Carrey who goes back to the annoying character he's played over and over to death. Tea Leoni (who I've sort of developed a celebrity crush on recently after seeing FLIRTING WITH DISASTER) was good though.

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE is about Carrey's character losing his job, and he and his wife (Leoni) resort to a life of crime to keep the house they own. Like I said, there are some really hilarious parts of the film, but most of it is boring. If you're a big Jim Carrey fan, then think you definitely won't be disappointed. Just after ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND I was expecting much more.

Trailer Rating: If Jessica Simpson keeps up that ridiculous accent through the whole movie that she has in the trailer, then this will be absolutely unbearable. I will hear nothing of her hotness. If you want porn get porn, don't look for it in major studio releases.

Watch us do something stereotypically stupid, again

...when the Jackass-guy ends up playing the (relatively) straight-laced part of the Hazzard pair. This isn't the Dukes of Hazzard I remembered: the Dukes are really really stupid, to the point where those who remember the original show fondly and are really sensitive about all things canon might take offense.

If you can get over that, the film's one of those ones that tries to have fun with itself, and the original material, and at least for me, worked. OK, maybe I'm suceptible to this "look at me do something dumb!" style of character, but I thought Sean William Scott really does stand out. Astounding as it sounds, it really does take talent to portray a character who is so stupid, without falling flat.

Oh yeah, I liked how they dealt with the Confederate flag on the General Lee- at least it's nice to see the filmmakers not pretend it wasn't there.

Also, kudos to Burnowt for inviting me to the screening!

This film was a complete waste of time. I usually enjoy Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville but they were way too over the top. They were trying way too hard to be funny, and I just kept rolling my eyes. Burt Reynolds was horrible, making his performance in Striptease seem oscar worthy, and the biggest shocker of the year. Jessica Simpson was actually OK. She looks absolutely stunning on film, and while the role is not a very challenging one, she did a commendable job.
The car chases are fun and exciting at first, but wear very thin after the first few times. Thats all there is in the movie, one car chase after another and barely any plot, with stupd corny jokes, with only a few that I laughed at. The outtakes during the credits are better than the movie.
I saw a free screening of DOH the other night and what a waste of time.
The jokes were bad the acting was bad the accents were bad.
I would rather pay to see The Wedding Crashers for a third time, then
pay to see this movie.

I would critique the storyline but THERE WAS NONE.

As far as Jessica Simpson, she was not in the movie a lot and when she was she was just putting her T&A in the camera and talking with an over the top southern accent. She was about as good in this movie as she is in her music videos. Her blank looks got on my nerves and her lack of any real sexiness surprised me. Bach had it way over on Jessica with sexiness.
Jessica is like a blowup doll.

Also, I noticed the Variety revew , and that is what I expected to happen with this movie. A bunch of "okay" reviews because the expectations are so low.
That is nonsense and unfair to the viewing public!!

The DOH page has the Critics rating at 71% right now (5 good/2 bad). When in reality it is about 55%(5 good/4 bad).
I don't even know why there's such a big fuss over this lousy remake. The casting was rather poor when it came to who to choose to portray Daisy Duke. How stupid were the casting people to choose Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. First of all, if these guys actually did any research on the original tv show, then they'd hire someone with light brown hair to portray Daisy, not some bubbleheaded blonde whose claim to fame in the acting biz is the dimwitted girl in the Pizza Hut commercial who thought that buffalo chicken wings came from an actual buffalo. Not to mention a reality show on MTV called the Newlyweds. Stick with your day job, Jess. Sing instead, or is the fact that you have a song on the movie's soundtrack part of the reason why you're even acting in the first place. Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke = Bad Idea!

On a lighter note though, the casting for the Duke boys was pretty good. I can picture Johnny Knoxville easily, even though it's tough to picture Seann William Scott also.

This movie just might be worth watching if you go on a day when you have nothing better to do. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste my hard earned cash on a ticket for this swill.
I won two tickets and I still walked out. If I would of paid, I would have requested a refund. Sooooooooooooo Stupid. It also Proves, Looks don't always make an actress. Remember Britney's Bomb!
The movie was funny. I don't feel like typing up a review. Jessica Simpson did good. The whole cast was good, minus Burt Reynolds, who mumbled all his lines. Terrible. Anyway, it provides what is expected. It isn't a masterpiece, but if you're expecting that, well... yeah. This movie is a good summer popcorn flick. The car scenes are good and so is the acting.

My friends who saw it thought it was okay. Jeffrey gave it a 6.5/10 and Leah gave it a 1/10... So yeah.

This movie sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked. Oh and did I mentioned it sucked. Although I've never seen an episode of the TV series after seeing this I don't plan on it. I had to call my dad and ask him about the show and I have realized this movie didn't seem to do the show justice.

The only thing that kept me in the theatre was Jessica Simpson. Seeing her with as little clothes on as possible is what made this movie the only thing worthwhile. If your looking for anything more that does this movie any good, sorry.

This movie was bad for certain elements, the plot, the actting, Burt Reynolds, and the unfunny/unoriginal jokes. Plus the car although it seemed like it was pulled out of the original series just didn't fit the modern setting. If the movie was more to the era of the original show, then yes we have something to go on.

So as I already said this movie sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked. Alas the only redeeming quality was Jessica Simspon and to be honest I think that's why she was cast.
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