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The Doom Generation 1995

Jordan White and Amy Blue, two troubled teens, pick up an adolescent drifter, Xavier Red. Together, the threesome embark on a sex and violence-filled journey through an America of psychos and quickiemarts...

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gregg araki opus? his 8 1/2? whichever this is, it is perhaps the highth of his brilliance. stunning visuals mixed with the quirky screenplay make it a film for the ages. yeah, i know this one of those films you either love or hate. i should know, i hated it upon my first viewing. but like many pieces of difficult art it grew on me. the story is about two industrial/goth kids who meet with a third man who becomes the instigator for all kinds of trouble. it is the kind of film that oliver stone wishes his 'natural born killers' could be. a social satire, a teen movie and a road movie all crammed into one feature. araki turns them all on their heads to make his film a one of a kind. violent, sickening, profane, beautiful and ultimately wonderful for those who can stoumach it.

fucking brilliant.

part two of the teen apocalypse trilogy (part 1: totally fucked up, part 3: nowhere)
Starring: James Duval, Rose McGowan, and Jonathon Schaech.
Written and Directed by Gregg Araki.
No MPAA rating (contains strong vicious violence, graphic sexuality, pervasive strong language and some drug use).
Running time approximately 1 hour 25 minutes.

Gregg Araki's "heterosexual" movie The Doom Generation is a sick, twisted road movie that sinks far below his earlier work (i.e. The Living End, Totally F***ed Up, etc.) and into the pits of hell, which, as Araki tells us, is Los Angeles. Rose McGowan and her strange boyfriend James Duval meet Jonathan Schaech at some weird rave party, and they all end up having sex and killing a bunch of people. It's a sick movie, and I hated it. * (out of ****) D
Look at this cool font yo.... Ok so I herd that this movie had Skinny Puppy in it. I was so excited thinking that they would play a big part in the movie...:( nope just a gang that you dont even get to see their faces. So we have this stuck up slut going out with this stoner loser...I dont think he is even a stoner. Anyways it starts off nice. Guy and girl are at a rave, playing NIN or KMFDM...or both and the guy has a ministry shirt...FUCKIN A. Yeah well this one guy (I cant remember their names so bear with me) So that one guy is being jumped by Skinny Puppy he hops into the girls car and they all drive away. He soon pops out and the couple go to eat. They forget their money and the Chinese cashier gets pissed. Out comes that random guy to save the day. He blows the clerks head off which continues to talk and the hide in a hotel where they have breaks of sex, wacking off and killing peeps. Thats about the plot there. Or at least as far as I got. I stopped after the threesome cause I was tired. Not to mention I wasnt amazed by it. I was told it was really cool and funny. Funny yes but it gets tiring and annoying. I mean the chick isnt too bad looking but I was tired of her being a slut. And I wasnt too fond of the guy eating his own jizz. But it was a funny movie. The news anchor people were funny, the signs were funny, the talking head was funny the "Weve been together 2 months" is a great line. Their is no real moral nothing. Just a group having sex. I was reminded of Falling Down, a movie where a man breaks and goes against society. At least we see our own flaws. In this movie we see nothing. I wouldnt suggest it....but I wouldnt mind reccomending it...if that made sense....oh well I might see it again
Interesting film, to say the least. For some odd reason I kind of liked it. Interesting characters, not all are likeable though. Very black humor, but I found it's over the top dark humor to be amusing. I doesn't work on all levels, but I like director Gregg Araki and the fact he is trying something different.
The acting was not very good, and it is a lot funnier than I think it was supposed to be. Still, I really enjoy it!!!!

It's cute, but it's also smart and moving. Yay.
I know I'm late! Anyways I got the DVD of Jindabyne from Austrailia (my mother went there and got it for me as a souvenior) and since I have an all-region player (meaning you can watch any dvd from any country) I got to see it before it came to theaters of May 18th. I know I'm cool... SO now I'll give you the pleasure of reading the review before it comes out. The film is about a guy who likes fishing who goes fishing with his buddies and finds a body in the river. Yet instead of calling the police, they let it sit until they are done with their trip. This incident however tears their family and social lives apart when everybody finds out. The problem I had with this film that had good performances and was well written and so on, was that it played like a tragedy, yet the events arn't that tragic. I know it shouldn't be a comedy, but I think this story is truly only meant to be a short story or film (it was based off a short story that Robert Altman directed an adaptation of, but as a vignette in his film Short Cuts). The writer does a great job of beefing it up with a bunch of different subplots, but the point is "what's the point?" Do we really need a 2 hour version of this story. I don't really think so, because by the end, I was rather ready to turn of the TV.

Reality BItes is the Ben Stiller directed film about a generation x group of friends who try to live lives after college. Most of the film was fantastic with performces by Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Winona Ryder, and Steve Zahn. It had this great 90's feel to it, that frankly weren't in enough 90's movies. There were a lot of funny lines and moments, and there was just a good vibe. Yet when you think through the whole thing that you are on to something good you stick with it and think the endings good. Now I liked the ending fine, but after looking back on it, it just seemed really well Hollywood. I said it. And these characters wouldn't really like that ending. Plus it was on the short side, so you kinda where left needing more. Worth a rent, but it's just kinda average.

DOOM GENREATION is a film I won't spend awhile talking about. I would just like to say that I was surprised at how good it was, and it has an amazing style to it. It's also very witty and cultish. It's kinda like an action flick for the art-house crowd, all for the thrill. It's Natural Born Killers meets Heathers, and it works very well. Definatley not as good as Gregg Arkai's masterpiece "Mysterious Skin", but it's worth the time. And if you have Netflix it's part of the WATCH NOW section where you can watch movies on your computer for free. So check it out it's a fun one.
The Doom Generation is stupid, weird, crazy, but for some reason I like it and I think some people who read this will think im upsessed with it because of my user name. I will admit that I thought some of the lines were funny and clever. I also did like the music. I think this is the biggest disagreement Roger Ebert and I have because he gave it 0 stars. For those of you that hated this movie please don't think I have a bad taste in movies because I don't. Some of my other favorites are Y tu mama tambien, Pulp Fiction, Grindhouse, The Godfather movies, scarface, and Magnolia. This movie to me I see it as a fun teenager movie accept maybe teens should get the R version or if there man enough get the Unrated version. I talk about it a lot and say a lot of the lines. I dunno what it is but theres just something about this movie that makes me like it and talk about it a lot.
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