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The Devil Wears Prada 2006

A smart but sensible new graduate lands a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine...

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I love this one. def worth watching..
this was a good movie, worth watching for sure :-)
it's good movie
Great acting by Meryl Streep... nice movie!
Meryl as the 'devil' sublimely satisfies the tummy,along with a delicious script and a charming performance by Anne Hathaway,this funny and tense, fast paced romp through fashion hell,is often very acurate in it is portrayal of fashionista insiders,even though it borders on cliche once in awhile. :fresh:
Based on Lauren Weisberger's roman
I think Meryl Streep ...uh...seems very nice in this movie, though I felt a bit...uhh..well...maybe not as well dressed, you know, as--as I should've been, going to the theater to see it. I have one encounter with this form of on the spot dressing down consciousness exhibited in the movie. I was in Chicago, wearing a raincoat with the belt in a knot, and some passing office girl rebuked it like an attack dog. :D
This was the most enjoyable movie I have seen this year. First of all, let me exclaim my love for Meryl Streep. She is a goddess. Acting is so effortless for her... her performances are flawless and she is still sexy as hell. Yes. I said it. She is. People say she is the highlight of the film (which I can't deny), but there are also two other amazing performances.

Emily Blunt (who I have never seen before) gave a terrific supporting performance as Miranda's 1st Gucci-wearing assistant. She is terrific. Stanley Tucci, well now, he is just hilarious. He always gives great performances and he is such a strong character actor. Bravo to all three of you.

Anne Hathaway is still learning the principles of acting and with working with a legend like Meryl Streep she will become one successful actress. I do like her, but she always has her faults. She is so beautiful and always plays frumpy girls.. I wish she would take on stronger roles and become one of film's strongest leading ladies.

This movie has a great story (adapted from the novel by Lauren Weisberger) and I would love to see it nominated for an Oscar or two (I doubt it, but that would be very nice). I highly recommend this movie, not only to women, because guys will like it, too. It's not a "chick flick". I hate that term. Go and see it. It's great.

The best movie of the year so far.



10/10 :fresh: :up:

-Jesse Taylor-
if there is any reason to see The Devil Wears Prada, reason number 1 would be Meryl Streep's dynamic performance of Runway Magazine's Editor in Chief Miranda Priestly. Streep never misses a cue and yet complexes her character so not only is she a cold hearted bitch, but also contemplates surrounding issues that would make you feel sorry for her, but that only occurs once or twice throughout the movie. Streep has just garnered herself another Golden Globe nomination for her dynamic portrayl based on real life Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, and if buzz lasts long enough, a possible 14th Oscar nomination would be no surprise to me.
What's more powerful than an "after school special" vibe? Good art direction and fine, comedic acting. :-)

Yes, the story is predictable pretty much from the get-go. There are future plot points dropped into early conversations with all the subtlety of a Wile E. Coyote anvil. Yet, the movie never derails into the all-too-familiar melodramatic genre that the opening scenes seem destined for (although it gets VERY close at times).

The ride is made enjoyable by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, who play off each other wonderfully for some great comic timing. Anne is great, and plays Midwestern naive very well. But Streep steals the show, with her arrogant demeanor and glacial line readings. And the nastier Streep gets, the better the movie gets.

Again, the story is not the movie's strong point: Andy (Hathaway) is an aspiring writer who gets a job as a second assistant to Miranda (Streep), a demanding editor of the fashion magazine Runway, in the hopes that after a year of faithful service Andy can use Miranda and her connections in the publishing world to obtain a prestigious journalism position. Much of the comedy comes from Andy's gradual transformation from run-of-the-mill, sweat pants wearing girl to a woman of high fashion. However, the better she dresses, the further she drifts from her circle of friends and boyfriend (Adrian Grenier), but the more Miranda comes to entrust her.

Enter the "after school special" vibe: Will Andy chose her growing career over her friends?

Even though we know where we're going, the movie is filled to the brim with wonderful performances (including a great turn by Stanley Tucci as the token gay guy), set designs, and wardrobe, so that we feel the journey is fresh and new. We really do sense that Runway is the pinnacle of the fashion world, and that the decisions made by Miranda are influential.

But there are some problem areas. The dialog is occasionally uneven, most noticeably in the (inevitable) breakup scene between Andy and her boyfriend. It's as if anytime the movie stepped into emotional territory, the clich
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