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The Delta Force 1986

A 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists. The terrorists demand that the pilot take them to Beirut. What the...

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True story - When I was in high school we got to watch some of the timing of this movie. They shot it at the Capitol building in Arkansas because it is an exact 1/4 scale of the real Capitol building in Washington. We got Chuck Norris' and Lee Marvin's autograph. Amazing day
I never get tired watching this film. The last time I saw it was about 12 years ago and its exactly as I remmebered. For those who haven't seen it yet especially action movie fans this was is a gem of a classic. It's the old school guts and glory action film that has a good plot but doesn't take itself to seriously. Instead, its filled with great action sequences and old hollywood effects none of that CGI computer based stuff. This is one of Chuck Norris's better films. Highly recommended 8.5/10 for me.
:fresh: CHUCK NORRIS IS MY HERO:fresh:

The Delta Force (1986)

The word cheesy doesn't even begin to describe this movie, but that's what you're going to expect from a Chuck Norris action flick or really 90% of the action movies from the 90s in general. That still doesn't mean that it's not entertaining. It's over the top and ridiculous but I still thought it was pretty fun even if I sometimes laughed at it.

chucks best movie ever!!!
Lee Marvin was already ill when he appeared in this movie, and his grave condition sometimes shows onscreen. Still, he's able to give it all that he's got like in his previous films, and it's nice seeing that he went down still a tough guy. The rest of the movie proves to be just as surprisingly enjoyable. It does go on too long, and there is not as much action as you may be expecting. But the drama portion of the movie proves to be compelling, and the few action scenes there are turn out to be exceedingly well done. Certainly no masterpiece, but it is entertaining.
Have no fear... Chuck Norris is here! Long before the days of kicking butt on Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris takes down a group of hijackers aboard an international flight. The action is there... but the movie is all too predictable. You know what's going to happen from the minute you see Chuck in the movie. So maybe the 20 minutes before that, there might be just a bit of suspense. But its all business after that.
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