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The Day After Tomorrow 2004

Jack Hall, paleoclimatologist, must make a daring trek across America to reach his son, trapped in the cross-hairs of a sudden international storm which plunges the planet into a new Ice Age...

Release Date:
May 28, 2004
124 min
Roland Emmerich
Sela Ward, Mimi Kuzyk, Frank Fontaine, ...
Drama, Thriller, Action, ...
English, French, Arabic,

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Solar rating: 8.1


Imdb rating: 6.4

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Good movie. I lol at the Manchester United part. 8/10
brill movie :) seen in the cinemas years ago :)
SciFi at it's finest.
Graphics: A
Acting: B
Moral: C
Plot: D

The family interactions were incredibly cheesy. Lots of plot holes, like why do they say the entire northern US is already lost but somehow a dude in a tent can survive -150 F? And then for some reason his two friends decide they have to help him get there even though the only reason he's going is because he left on bad terms with his son or something? Dumb.
@sexiintell agree with you 100%... my fav to date too... and the escape into Mexico is a great part and very ironic.. great film!!!!
this movie is still one of my favorite environmental films ever. Great special effects and the acting is pretty good. my favorite part is watching americans escape INTO mexico lol. i would love to see that happen one day. i really just like the message this film brings- humans are not indestructible. mother nature will always come out on top. i give it 5 stars out of 5.
The next ice age... So terrifying
This looks like a good movie.
This must be the best movie this year.
They did a crew screening for Day After Tomorrow today.

It ain't bad! It is about THE definition of the FX driven film. In these cases it's just up to the cast to catch up or stay out of the way, and that they do extremely well. There's some pricelessly cheesy moments in there, but it really isn't too bad, and is funny enough that it actually improves the experience. In fact I'd say most of the characters are likable enough that you actually DON'T get annoyed enough with them to want to see them die. Dennis Quaid is good. The eco-preaching is there, but thankfully restrained.

The FX were tremendous fun. Massive, epic-scale, mayhem. It's not exactly anything new. Tornados you saw in Twister in 1996. A massive tsunami hitting New York in 1998's Deep Impact. Storm effects in 1999's Perfect Storm. (All of these are ILM films actually.) But you can see how the technology's improved since then. We handled creature stuff with the wolf attacks and the environment stuff with the frozen NY sequences towards the end. Some of it's great. Some of it, particularly that frozen NY waterfront shot I've been talking about that annoyed me since the trailers came out, are real stinkers. Just couldn't fix it, I guess.

Other thoughts:
- I found it odd that they made the US prez look like Al Gore, and tried to evoke Dick Cheney for the veep. How'd that ticket get put together???
- If you notice a close resemblance to the score for 'Thin Red Line', it's probably because a lot of the animatics used that score as filler during production.
- Predicted short list for the VFX Oscar: Spider Man 2, Day After Tomorrow, and... hm. not sure. Maybe Harry Potter 3? Definitely some strong entries for the VES matte painting awards from this film.
- Watching it with an audience of educated people is probably more fun.
- It's always nice when you hit the first release of the year that you worked on and actually like.
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