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The play was used to represent how the government reacted towards those who accused of communism simply because they opposed the hearings. Instead of making rash decisions, find out what the flip you're talking about Anonymous#1.


Rated PG-13 for R-rated violence and nudity

The book: The Crucible was a confusing book that obsessed over its old-fashioned language. The movie follows the book and does it well, but I ask: "Why follow the book?" It is just a depresser, and it needlessly reminds its audience of the horrible trials. The movie is meant to be 100% serious, but I found some moments to be funny, such as the church service in which the whole congregation can start on the same note and sing perfectly in tune without accompaniment. Piece of advice: Don't get attached to any of the characters. THEY WILL DIE. I was shocked at the beginning, in which a girl exposes her breasts for 2 seconds. And the death of the poor chicken is unneeded. I was absent from school when my English teacher showed the second
Hekseprosessene i Salem, Massachusetts har alltid v

Finished reading "The Crucible"--finally. Just finished my four page essay on it as well. "Often People Tend to Think in Black and White" was the theme, had to relate it to current happenings.

The film The Crucible, was adapted by it's very own author, Arthur Miller, for the big screen. I will admit, it was adapted well, but not executed well--no pun intended.

"Tim Burton loves stop-motion animation and he loves Johnny Depp. So this is a marriage made in geek heaven. A- "

On another Johnny Depp note! Finding Neverland is to be released on DVD come 22 March!!! So, that's...23 days

And, well, currently it seems I can't have an entry without mentioning Phantom of the Opera...:rolleyes:...It's just about out of cinemas! *cries* BUT only 64 days until the DVD release

Could of been much better.

Read the play for English Literature then we watched this after reading it . . . the play is much better and carries bigger messages than is transfered in this film.

i was rather disappointed , as the play could make a fantastic film , but this film wasnt very good.
I'm giving this movie a rotten rating not because of the filming but b/c of the story it's self. The Salem Witch Trials sicken me. These people were victiums but not of the Devil. Of society. They were killed b/c someone in the towm had reason to want them gone. The girls who claimed to bewitched were disgusting human beings who were only looking for attention. This movie disgusted me and made me at a complete loss for words.
I'm not a fan of Winona Ryder so it's not a suprise that I did not like her in this, nor do I really like Daniel Day-Lewis but I think he gave a wonderful performance. Joan Allen also did not disappoint.
The last scenes with the two of them were very powerful and moving. The camera shots were amazing. The ending is what made the movie.
The Last Emperor: * * * * (Hot)
The Crucible: ZERO Stars (Frozen)
The Apartment: * * * * (Hot)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring: * * * * (Hot)
LOST THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (5 STARS)- Last years hit drama, staring Mathew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Dominic Monaghan, Terry O'Quinn, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, Jorge Garcia, Harold Perrineau, Maggie Grace, Yunjin Kim, Daniel Day Kim, Emile de Ravin, Ian Somerhalder, & Malcom David Kelly. They play passangers on a plain that crashed on an island. Such a great show.

FIRST KNIGHT (3.5 STARS)-Richard Gere plays Lancalot, but they screwed up because before going as Lancalot, he was Galahad than he became a knight then Lancalot. idiots

ERNEST SCARD STUPID (4 STARS)-Not all Ernest movie's are the same. This one has Eartha Kitt.

MATILDA (3.5 STARS)-Its amazing what movie's you'll watch on TV late at night.

THE CRUBICLE (2 STARS)-This movie is so bad, that IT'S A WITCH.

The Crucible is a haunting reflection on the Salem witch trials of 1692. Some stupid girls screwing around in the woods get caught and accused of witchcraft...until the girls say that it was women and men in the surrounding village who were causing them to be taken over by Satan. The intensity in The Crucible is great...I was bored for about the first half hour but then everything started taking off and it quickly grabbed my interest. Winona Ryder is the leader of the pack of stupid girls...she did a good job because the whole time I hated her and wanted her to die. Daniel Day-Lewis is once again amazing in his own right...I wanted him to go The Last of the Mohicans style on all those crazy girls and townspeople. Before watching this movie I didn't know anything about the Salem witch hunt...quite an interesting piece of roommate said that The Crucible was "Hollywood-ized" up a bit, but that it remains pretty close to the real events. Overall pretty good. I enjoyed a lot of the camera angles.

Director: Nicholas Hytner
Rated: PG-13
*1 Hytner Film Viewed
:fresh: :fresh: 1/2
Full review to come.
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