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The Cooler 2003

In an old school Las Vegas casino, its top gambling jinx breaks his curse when he falls in love, much to his boss' consternation...

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good vegas movie. Sedately paced so not 4 action junkies but solid performances all around.
omg I am still here

So, Hollywood video just fired three people in the past two weeks. Uhhh yeah...I am tiny bit scared about my job but I think ill be fine.

I have been out the last week here too because of my wisdom teeth being pulled last friday and my whole face has been kinda hurting so I haven't been up to be writing in this. Plus the fact that it took awhile for a movie that I actually wanted to see to be able to rent for free at my work.


The Cooler starring William Macy as a "cooler" in the belagio...or some casino down the Las Vegas strip. This casino is run by Alex Baldwin, an ex-mob guy who likes to run his things the old school way.

Btw, if you don't know what a cooler is, a Cooler is a guy who basically has bad luck and anyone around him loses. So whenever a table would start winning money, they would send the cooler to put a stop to the winning. This was a very old fashoned ritual that may even still be used secretly. I am not sure if it true but it seems it could be.

Anyways, Macy's character is very depressed, being single for the majority of his older life. Macy always found a waitress played by Maria Bello and for the beginning of the movie, Bello pretty much disses/ignores him which was a given when watching cause was always kinda wierd.

So, if I decyphered this correctly, Baldwin decides to make Macy an offer in which he could get any girl he wanted because he wanted to make Macy feel good about himself for doing such a good job or something. So after some other more events, Bello and Macy's characters finally start going out and leads quickly to sex.

Now...probably one of the most disturbing parts in this movie is these two having sex. And not just once or twice but like ALL THE FRICKIN TIME. Plus having to see Macy's ass just made me quiver in fear. NO GOOD PERSON SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO SEE THAT OLD MAN'S ASS! >_______<

Ok, so now these two fucking machines are going at it, we predictibly see "Oh my god, my luck is changing for bad to good!" And for obvious reasons, Baldwin is not liking this and he is all confused as to why he is so happy and why people are winning.

Oh yeah, in the meantime while these two people are going at it, Baldwin's character is being faced with a lot of pressure and stress from like a committee to change his casino to "get with the times" since his casino is falling behind. Baldwin disklikes this greatly and gets annoyed and annoyed every single time they make any suggestions to change.

After more sex scenes and with Baldwin losing money...etc... we get a sub plot of Macy's son coming unexpectantly to visit his father to get money for the child they are going to have. Unfortunatly, the acting is so cheesy, the first scene when they get the money from Macy that you soon pick up that something is a miss.

Anyways, and then another very predictible moment when Baldwin finally figures out what is happening with Macy and his luck and threatens to kick Bello and transfer her out. And then more junk happens and all in all the love birds make it out with a lot of money and people die and yeah.

This was a very short movie...probably a little over one hour but very precise and detailed to the story. The Cooler part of the whole movie, I found was very intriguing. It is too bad though that it was a horribly predictible movie (although the end has a nice little twist that I didn't expect)

So I agree with RT on this one and give it 7/10.

Next up: I am hoping I can get the movie Elephant. That movie looks really good...reminding me of Thirteen. And there are some interesting releases coming out the next couple of weeks that I am going to try and get my hands on.
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Hey All,
I just viewed a movie called, "The Cooler". I really enjoyed this movie. The cast and the writers did an excellent job. It kept your interest along with keeping its audience guessing. It's about this guy who works for the casinos by making people loose at the games. All of a sudden he meets this lady who changes his luck. It has some funny parts with some drama. Basically I don't understand why this wasn't nominated for more Academy Awards. It's geared for only adult audience. The DVD doesn't have a ton of extra stuff but with this kind of movie, you don't need it. It's the best movie this year by far. If you like William H. Macy you will definitely enjoy him in this.

Fritz ;)
Nothing to spectacular. I have always been an Alec Baldwin fan. I wish he did more comedys. He is appearance in Friends and Saturday Night Live was one of the best shows of each series. He is still good in this, but not Oscar worthy. Why does William H. Macy always play a loser and wimp character? Because he is so good at it.

Critics were right...great performances safe what could have been/should have been a sub-par film, along with a little bit of luck.;)


Above average movie with some great performances. William H. Macy is perfectly cast as the lovable loser, and Alec Baldwin is his "friend." Maria Bello plays the love interest, turning "The Cooler's" luck around. Pretty predictable movie that moves along pretty well.

the 9 is purely based on personal opinion. the rental suprise is for anybody i might recommend it to, because i honestly didn't think it'd be too good.
Wayne Kramer's directorial debut is as auspicious as they come. Featuring a strong ensemble cast, a clever hook, and one of the worlds more hipper settings Las Vegas. The Cooler exudes the dimly lit nocturnal atmosphere of the strip with a striking palette of colors. It follows Bernie Lootz (William H. Macy) as the hapless chap whose luck is so bad that his mere presence causes everyone around him to instantly start losing. He's working under the management of Shelly (Alec Baldwin in a dynamite performance) to who he owes a considerable debt. All is well till Bernie meets Natalie (Maria Bello) and is smitten by her. The two start to form a relationship and voila now Bernie is more heater than cooler. Shelly not happy with the idea of losing his best cooler decides to handle things the old school way. Wayne Kramer's film might be too genre bending for some. As it veers from comedy, melancholia, brutality, and love story. It might make some viewers lose the ability to focus on a mindset for the film, and find it way too inconsistent for their liking. Although others will appreciate as fast as others hate it for the exact same reason. The blend of such disparate moods adds to the films creativity and makes it stand out from the pack. Wayne Kramer beats the house, but hopefully he can clean it next time.

:fresh: Very good. Macy, Baldwin, and Bello are all great.
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