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The Constant Gardener 2005

A widower is determined to get to the bottom of a potentially explosive secret involving his wife's murder, big business, and corporate corruption...

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This is an outstanding film, well worth watching whether you're looking for international intrigue, slice of life on the African continent, or excellent performances.

I had the priviledge of seeing The Constant Gardener a week ago during a preview at which the director, Fernando Meirelles, was present for Q&A afterward.

In City of God, Meirelles represented life in the slums of Rio with an uncanny, gritty, near-documentary style. The location is realistically represented and there's a thin veneer of fictional drama on the surface. You got the feeling that you understood life in the slums after watching the movie.

Meirelles achieves the same effect with The Constant Gardener - allowing the textures and intimate details of the fictional life of the diplomat/activist lead characters to intermingle with rich textures and details of life in Kenya - both urban Nairobi and remote areas. The location is not a backdrop, but very much one of the characters, or rather, it flows through the blook of the characters, and we come away from the film with the belief that we've got a deeper understanding of Kenya and of soulless barters between governments and pharmaceutical companies.

Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz have characters worthy of their talents and the performances are excellent. The supporting cast is utterly believable and equally strong.

I admit that I experienced a certain amount of confusion while watching the film - the strongly documentary style, along with an activist, you-really-should-know-about-this-so-we're-going-to-write-a-book/make-a-movie-about-it subject matter, made me believe I was watching A Message Film, but the dramatic style, the excellent acting, the high drama caught me up like a good thriller should. I finally stopped trying to categorize the movie and sat back to enjoy the ride. Call it what you will, its an excellent film. The believability of it is a compliement to both Le Carre, write of the original novel, Jeffrey Caine, the writer of the screenplay, Meirelles, and as Meirelles himself lavishly credits, Cesar Charlone, the cinematographer.
On the surface, The Constant Gardener, based on a bestselling John Le Carr
This was a film that affected me more than maybe any other this year (except maybe Crash). Such strong acting (although Fiennes kind of annoyed me), such beautiful filmaking, and such a blunt message makes for a film that in a summer mostly slated w/ crap, lets you breathe a sigh of relief.

John Le Carr
Very good Suspensful and Thoughtful movie
I have mixed feelings about this movie. I like a lot of this movie. The material here is fantastic, even though I have never read the book, it seems to me that the book would be great. However, my feeling is that it doesn't make it into a great movie. The story is deliberately slow with flashbacks to keep the viewer interested. I didn't find it overly effective while watching. I also found the ending a little rushed and unsatisfying.
The Constant Gardner
Directed by Fernando Meirelles
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound: Dolby Digital
Screened at: Edward's San Marcos 18

Pretty good.
it starts off a little slow for it's first 15 minutes but after that, it's great, It's fun, excellently acted, and slickly directed, Not as good as City Of God but it's damn close.
I love Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiss I would watch any movie that they make. And I am very glad I saw this one. Constant Gardener is engaging and interesting.

The only thing that annoyed me a bit was the constant camera movements, although it made the movie much more dramatic. At times it was too much and provided for a moment of dizziness.

The proformances were touching and very believable. The subject matter was important and it should be seen by everyone. Africa is a controversal topic that the director took and made it interesting for people that don't usually like talking about controversy.
Constant Gardener

Well there is not much more to say about this movie. If you have seen at least one commercial on tv for it you will know what you need to know to go see it. All I am going to say is that A.The acting is good, and B.Its suspenseful. If your not already interested dont go see it. Definatly rent it though.
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