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The Condemned 2007

Jack Conrad is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor...

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This movie was weak all around... weak story, weak fights, weak characters... Not enough stone cold, no beer, and too many fast deaths rather then hunts or survival or stakeouts... not recommened!
I've managed to watch three bad movies in a matter of five and a half hours. Man, I need to manage my time better.
This is the best of the WWE Films to date. But, it had been better if Battle Royal didn't exist.

Thats the BIG flaw of the film and is "creator". He created nothing, just copy/past the big lines of Battle Royal by Koushun Takami. It was good entertainment, but for the reason of a copied idea, I gave the movie a 4/10.

To make matters worse, it was telegraphed which one of the 10 convicts that eliminates the surprise and rewatchability factors. THE CONDEMNED, from the trailer, promised exploitive violence and action. We get none of that, well...not enough. THE CONDEMNED didn't live up to it's bloody promise.


GRADE: 4.8/10

FYODER_FISH: (***/*****)
"It's rough, it's brutal, it's violent, gratuitous, often incoherent...and, at nearly two hours, overlong and self-indulgent. In other words, The Condemned is the perfect flick for wrestling fans"
Now Im a wrestling fan and when i saw this preview around January 07 on killermovies. I thought the whole plot was retarded at first "10 Fight, 9 Die".Then when i saw the movie i reallt thought i was kick ass. the fighting scenes were awsome. Stone Cold and Vinnie Jones did a good job the thing i didnt like was that everybody died really quikly and the movie was really short. so tell me what yuh think. Peace
The Condemned (2007)

Empty action thriller that has a ridiculous plot but it is fast paced. The stars were bland, and the film is surprisingly degrading toward women. It doesn't have any deep characters to draw you into the film. Very violent.
I'm a fan of anything that can be a disaster. Things that are made with a big budget or get hyped beyond any reasonable proportion. A movie with either Ice Cube, Antonio Banderas or something created by the WWE is bound to be a disaster. So I watch it.

The Condemned is the weakened, unimaginative result of taking a mildly generous budget, the script from Battle Royale and a series of bad actors.
The saddest part is that clearly the makers intended it to be very harch, very action-packed, while it only keeps the real action-fans waiting for more (you never get passed the warm-up) and the fans of good fun are ignored totally.

First of all there's the plot. Putting Japanese schoolchildren on an island was a fun thought. In the Condemned they replace these with tough death row criminals from around the world. (there was no Arab there for the obvious reasons that they didn't want to upset anyone). Instead we got the usual gang of stereotypes. Spitting, cursing, knife throwing bastards with no moral and no sense of humor. Just like the audience of the WWE probably.
The plot has holes in it.... big holes that make the movie almost unbearable to see. First of all, why bother putting 10 criminals on a remote island if you're going to give all weapons and advantage to one of them? The bandwidth that guy uses from his James-Bond-Villain HQ is also hilarious... 28 million people, ALL downloading a live broadcast of HD quality without a glitch? hmm, I wanna see that.

In any case, the most disturbing about this movie is the total lack of imagination. The criminals are so stupid and so predictable that it gets boring... any criminal seeing a woman on that island immediately wants to rape her and kill her. The only one guy standing up for justice is of course the American "criminal"... who naturally can't be a REAL criminal but some ex-navy seal who was abandoned by the evil bureaucrats in the FBI (you can recognize FBI guys in such movies by their sour face and the 3 piece suit). The 'bad' guy in the movie is some English serial killer who gets like 10 chances to kill the American but apparently is too bloody stupid to just kill him instead of chatting about.

This movie is one of the worst things I've ever seen (and that means Tripple X movies, The terror within II and the Poseidon adventure).
Total wast of money and time.
The fact that a helicopter explodes THREE times in this movie says it all... maybe there's still hope for this movie in the "cult" circuit, although I doubt that even cult fans can watch it more than 2 times without being bored out of their minds.


Nothing special, but entertaining.
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