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The movie is a pretty good, solid sequel. Not quite as good as the first, but still keeps good characters and story, tied into emotion and amazing visual effects. Like the first, it is fun and exciting. A good addiction to The Chronicles of Narnia. I am looking forward to Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
this was the most disappointing film ever. i mean seriously i totally enjoyed the 1st film but this one was so bad. bad story, bad acting, etc. i hope the next movie is going to be like the first movie. so disappointing.
Not as good as the first movie but as good as to be fresh.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was so long that I fell asleep the first two times watching it, but for good reason. It felt like a complete movie. Prince Caspian isn't. It isn't a horrible movie, I enjoyed it even if not thoroughly. There were really only a couple things that held this movie back, albeit they were major.

There was a complete lack of continuity and believability. Now, this being a fantasy movie, my expectations of believability may sound unfair. But I mean it in the sense that, with that world as it is, common sense should still remain the same. For instance, you don't just look at a kid's sword and use the sword to identify him. Anybody could have somehow ran across the sword by accident and taken control of Narnia's army and fate on a whim by the way this movie went.

Another thing that bugged me was that there were no major characters. Sure, Prince Caspian and Narnia's royalty are "major" characters, but nobody took over the movie. It might be too much to expect from a cast of such young actors, but they didn't really do such a bad job individually. No time was really spent on any single event, making this film more of a Cliff Notes on the book than a movie adaptation. I didn't really feel any plot development, character development, or really development of any kind. It starts out just like the book, you're thrown into the world of Telmarine-owned Narnia where the throne is being usurped, and we go from there. One thing leads to another, and we have two major fight scenes, and the movie's over. Huh...

A couple of small things that bugged me are very minor and I really feel like a bitch for even being bugged by these things. First of all, this is a continuation from the first movie. Her name is fucking "Susan the Beautiful." I hate saying this and feel like a horrible person, but Susan is beautiful in no way. She's a nice person. Kind of homely. She's elegant in no way. And she flirts like a 12-year-old. Which was the second thing that bugged me. Although they did a very good job on the awkwardness of teenage flirting, it didn't help in the progression of the movie at all. Some side romance subplot is always nice to have as it can add greatly to a movie, but as this movie really wasn't emotional or heart-wrenching, all it ended up doing was make you sit there in your chair awkwardly waiting for the next poorly made scene to begin. The last thing that bugged me was the music at the end. I feel movies like this should not have pop music. It makes it feel like I'm watching Mean Girls or something. How about some nice orchestral music that helps not ruin the already lacking mood.

I would've given this movie a 90% if they had done one thing. At the scene after Peter kicks Scar's ass (he really does remind me of Scar...) and Caspian X is there with his sword at the guy's throat, if he had said "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die," I would've forgiven this movie. But they didn't, so it's still a 50%.
Soportable nada mas eso es esta pelicula que apesar que capta la esencia de la anterior no logra captar lo mas importante la escencia del libro lo cual la debilita bastante y le quita credibilidad
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was quite dissapointing espicially if compared to the first film. There are still good characters but the direction is sloppy. The film has a slow begginning. Then, it gets better and very interesting. All of a sudden, there is a terribly confusing scene which makesthe viewer bored. There are some more mistakes ahead which make this film quite boring. The worst part is that the final battle is not even close to being as good as the final battle scene from the first movie. The villian dies before the battle scene. Thankfully the score is the same as the first film. The characters are good. It just isn't as good as the first one and there are mistakes.
I am one of the many people who thought the first Narnia movie to be a pretty good entertainment. She was colourful, well directed and too a certain point charming. Of course it was a bit of a light version of the Lord of the Rings or maybe Harry Potter but i still enjoyed it quite a bit.

Prince Caspian comes in trying to be more grown up and interestingly enough that makes it just more childish. The characters try to be interesting and lively on screen but while trying they just become silly, and with a cast like that there's not a lot to expect. The chains of events are much faster then in the earlier one and for me that kind of ruined the mystic feeling that came with the first one. The look is beautiful and flawless in its design but that was not something that could save it from ultimately failing miserably.

Prince Caspian is not in the same league as the first one in any way, she's worse in nearly every way. There are no real charms in this one and that fantasy feeling is kind of missing the whole time. Like i said before, this film tries to be more mature and one way is by building a look similar to the middle ages wars and it doesn't work and rather comes out more childish then the earlier one. The young cast seemed jaded the whole way through and to me they were just plain irritating. Ben Barnes is the only one who does something right here as Prince Caspian but even so, it's not something groundbreaking.

Otherwise the movie just flows without nothing significant happening, the humour fails mostly and are more pointed to the younger generation. The closing scenes left you feeling kind of silly and in a bad mood.

I couldn't wait until the movie was over and i am really disappointed because like i said i was a fan of the first one but here they take a misstep..................a huge one.

Fantastic effects and Cinematography accentuated by a true mystical script writing and let down by sub standard acting.
Considering this is unquestionably the weakest book in the series, this is a very strong adaptation.
Fun family feature.
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