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The Challenger Disaster 2013

a.k.a. "The Challenger"

Factual drama exploring the truth behind the space shuttle Challenger's 1986 explosion...

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Excellent movie...Science rules.
If you were around in 1986 and remember the accident, this film, based on true events and facts, shows you how they came to discover what happened that day. Great history lesson and great performance by William Hurt.
I remember exactly what I was doing when my sister called me and told me to turn on the TV because something really bad had happen to the space shuttle. This was interesting to watch and a reminder of so much that was lost that day...
"A good use of science."

Excellent movie. I think it is one the best performances from William Hurt that I have seen.

Well worth the time spent watching not just for the entertainment aspect, but the issue that it is about.
Nothing beats science fiction like 'science fact'.
"is there ever any wonder, why we look to the sky......."

I sat in a room in the Johnson Space centre in Houston around the 10 year anniversary of the Challenger explosion and watched a documantary/memorial video with a group of my friends and peers ...there wasnt a dry eye in the house......
Wonderful movie and depiction of the events that followed the Challenger explosion of 1986. I remember as a child sitting in my living room glued to the TV watching as the shuttle and all souls aboard were lost.
If you haven't watched this then please do it is really very good.
Pretty good movie. A bad day for all.
The Challenger Disaster (2013)
"Feynman and the Challenger" (original title)
T(V Movie)
Duration:(90 min )
Release Date:(16 November 2013 (USA)
Director:(James Hawes)
Writer:(Kate Gartside)
Stars:(Bruce Greenwood, William Hurt, Joanne Whalley)
Factual drama exploring the truth behind the space shuttle Challengers 1986 explosion.
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