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Very cool movie not much like it. Thought it was awesome to see that Ashton Kutcher actually has an acting range. Very glad he was given this opportunity. very much worth a watch. 8/10
I've watched this movie on TV before and I noticed a few different things, I thought it was just my memory being not that great until I reached the end. Turns out theres more than one ending shot for this movie.
Just watched this one today. An amazing movie. Ashton Kutcher's acting on this so great. And the best ending, though it's sad I've seen in a movie.
I rate 8/10
@nursepip According to an IMdb thread on the "The Butterfly Effect 2" (2006) this is the directors cut and it sounds like the ending in the theatrical version would have been better for both of us.
Very good movie. How do I write this without giving spoilers? The ending was very sad but was probably the best outcome that could have happened. However, the ending also creates a continuity issue that I wish I could write about without giving anything away.
in fact, this might be a good one for movie of the week discussions
Good movie, clever, but I was deeply saddened by the end. And then the questions start...Wonder if any of these links are the theatrical cut? The one I viewed was apparently the directors cut and they conclude differently.
Still a good movie. Hue
awesomw sci-fi movie
Pretty good movie. The end song is 'Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out' by Oasis. I had never heard of them before this film. Haha! Good band... good film.
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