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The Brothers Grimm 2005

Will and Jake Grimm are traveling con-artists who encounter a genuine fairy-tale curse which requires true courage instead of their usual bogus exorcisms...

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Imdb rating: 5.9

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FYI for anyone still wanting to watch this movie the gorillavid link That I added the audio & video are in sync just and FYI

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Despite the fact that The Brothers Grimm won't open here until October 7th the distributer was kind enough to hold the first press screening today, two days before its US launch.

The Brothers Grimm make a good living as con artists disspelling would-be ghosts some old pals conjure up for them, effectivley preying on the fears of superstitious villagers. In awe of their powers over the otherworldy intuders the village girls drool over the brothers, the people shower them in gold until one night the dark Cavaldi (Peter Stormare) summons them unceremoniously to an audience with the French General Delatombe (Jonathan Pryce). Aware of their ploy Delatombe offers the borthers an alternative to their impending death sentence: To rid a village from similar "ghosts" which have already caused ten girls to disappear. Under Cavaldi's watchful eyes they make for the village and enlist the reluctant help of Angelika (Lena Haedey) the "cursed" girl who guides them into the enchanted forest. Soon Jake and Jacob find that there's more to this enchanted wood than they've bargained for and they'll need every bit of their ingenuity to conquer the evil that dwells within.

Leave it to Terry Gilliam to create the most amazing visual style plunging the viewer into the look and feel of a Grimm fairy tale. The lavish production design spares no expense and everything looks and feels incredibly down to earth. The films plot is quite good at first, save for some minor pacing problems in the middle and weakens a bit in the 2nd half. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger did alright, I wish that they would have cut back on some of the jokes though and stuck to the film's darker tone. Stormare was good as Italian tormentor and executioner, in the end he got a little annoying. The best asset in terms of acting next to Jonathan Pryce was Lena Headey who also happens to be quite a Puppi.

I liked the fact how Gilliam infused the story with images form all kinds of the classic Grimm fairy tales suggesting that the brothers drew inspiration for their later work. Overall I enoyed the film a lot mostly because of the camera work and the visuals, but it seems that it jumps a little between comedy, horror, lavish fantasy spectacle and Gilliamesque quirkiness, struggling to find its direction.

Terry Gilliam has created a terrifying, hilarious, political, spiritual, emotional and chaotic landscape... just like our psyches which it mirrors. Gilliam's movies are visually stunning. The frames are impeccable. The acting meant to be over-the-top stylizations, secondary to the beating heart of the imagery. Romance of the word made flesh.
I was pretty stoked to get screening passes to The Brothers Grimm because I love a) Matt Damon, b) fantasy movies and c) Terry Gilliam. But about 30 minutes into the movie I found myself confused and bored. There were good moments to it and it didn't hurt too much that it was free. I dunno, the effects were not that great and the ending and the romantic subplot was a wee bit ambiguous.

I really liked Heath Ledger as Jacob Grimm, the bookish brother with glasses and awkward movements who brought home magic beans instead of money for a doctor when his little sister was sick. He cracked me up in this movie, all crazy and nervous hand movements and nerdy and skittish behavior overall. If there is a reason to see this movie, it is for Heath Ledger.

Matt Damon, on the other hand has a poofy shirt and poofy hair. His accent is so-so and he is the older, lady-killing brother Wilhelm Grimm. He isn't a believer in the folk tales that Jacob knows so well and seems to be the enforcer and the ringleader of their scamming on the innocent villagers.

That is until it really happens, dropping them and their stupid-looking, shiny armor in a forest where trees move and a Mirror Queen (Monica Bellucci) preys on the village's little girls.

The girl who plays Angelika (Lena Headey) looks like she could be Kiera Knightley's older sister. In one shot where she first takes the Brothers into the forest, they show her from the side and the resemblance is so close that it is frightening.

The part with the Gingerbread Man and the enchanted horse was so weird I thought that someone spiked my Diet Pepsi with some sort of trippy drugs like ecstasy or acid.

Also think it is funny that this movie was made BEFORE Pirates of the Caribbean and it had Jonathan Pryce and the guy who was the pirate with the fake eye in it. So naturally, I came home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean and I was tempted to watch The Company of Wolves to fill the void that The Brothers Grimm left. Let me put it this way, The Brothers Grimm does to the fairy tales and the actual brothers what Van Helsing did to Bram Stoker and monster lore. The thing is Van Helsing was better and it had Hugh Jackman in it with his romance novel hair **sigh**.

Anywho, will write back soon.
It was OK at best. Great special effects but the story line was weak as most other critics have stated. With a little more depth in the story line t would have been great.
I have never been so outraged by a movie. There are scenes of backpacks on horses on fire, horses being dropped on their backs, and for comic relief, a scene where a kitten is chopped up. I watched for a disclamier (no animals harmed) but never saw one. Even if it is all special effects, the inclusion of these totally unnecessary scenes ruined the movie. This film should be boycotted to let Dimension films know that such scenes will not be tolerated .
Ok, never have i heard of The Brothers Grim until i saw the preview on tv.
Lota older folks say they were in love with it, so i thought it was going to be worth checking out. Previews even looked really good. I was excited.

The plot was very interesting and is the reason why i went. It looked like a new Lord Of the Rings kind of to me. And with the Witch wanting to be young and the girls needed i was very interested.
Now the characters were horrible. They joked about the flipping beans throughout the whole movie, and it looked to me like there sister died because of the beans. Like holy crap. They were totally unbelievable and the love in it was completely disastrous. I don't even know who ended up with who.

I did find interesting how Gilliam incorporated the fairy tales. Very neat idea. Horribly done. What on earth were you thinking? The Gingerbread man. Haha, now that was hillarious. A Black sludge to a Black Gingerbread man. Completely, completely horrible.

I spent 85% of that movie laughing my a** off because of how crappy it is.
I actually apologized to my friends half way through for bringing them there.

But the dude serveant with the long white hair. He made the movie good. ALthough it was horrible. He was hillarious, although all he did was stare.

Props to you sir.
Horrible, good day
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