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better than expected !!
next step, read the books !

Reign Over Me -- 6.5

The Circus -- 8

Trading Places -- 8.5

The Bourne Ultimatum -- 9

Superbad -- 8.5
I have mixed feelings about this film. It was a good movie, but was definitely my least favorite Bourne flick so far. The action sequences were great and of course there HAD to be a full-throttle car chase scene. You can't have a Bourne movie without at least one good car chase. I had some issues with the editing of a couple of the fights. They were so fast cut that at times it was hard to tell what the hell was going on. Yes, Matt and some guy were beating the crap out of each other, but any details were a blurry kind of jumble. The story itself was passable, but relied a little too heavily on coincidence for my liking. (Yes, I know the movie was based on a book, but so were the first two and by all accounts they made major changes to the storyline in those, so I'm not sure why they didn't here... or maybe they did. I haven't read the books so I couldn't say, but that just makes it worse if they did.) I like Matt Damon. He's one of the better young actors out there working today and I love him as this character. The flaws in this film are in no way Matt's fault. I like Julia Stiles as well, but she really just had a glorified cameo here and was one of the annoying coincidences I was talking about. In fact, the whole cast was actually really good; they just didn't have an outstanding script to work with. The movie is worth checking out if you like the Bourne films, but the world won't end if you don't get it seen in the theatre. If nothing else, it's at least NetFlix worthy.
Jason Bourne, the Anti-Bond (as in James Bond), in The Bourne Ultimatum, the concluding chapter (or so we've been promised) to the series that began five years ago with Doug Liman's (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Go, Swingers) adaptation of Robert Ludlam's bestselling novel, The Bourne Identity and continued with The Bourne Supremacy two years later, but with Paul Greengrass (United 93, Bloody Sunday) at the helm. The gritty, unglamorous locales, a cynicism-heavy espionage storyline, small-scale action scenes, and an intense turn from Matt Damon as the reluctant title character all contributed to a positive reception from critics and $500 million dollars combined for the first two films in the series.

In The Bourne Identity, an amnesiac left for dead (Matt Damon) discovers that he was a highly trained assassin for Treadstone, a CIA-backed black ops project. Bourne's failed to kill his last target, a deposed African dictator. Driven by his desire to find out his identity, Bourne made his way through Europe until he confronted his handler, Alexander Conklin (Chris Cooper). He also gained a girlfriend, Marie (Franka Potente), and retired from professional killing. Two years later in the real and fictional worlds (e.g., The Bourne Supremacy), government assassins shattered Bourne's idyllic life with Marie. Bourne sought revenge on the former head of the Treadstone project, Ward Abbot (Brian Cox).

The Bourne Ultimatum picks up where The Bourne Supremacy left off, with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), an ex-CIA assassin, bleeding and on the run in Moscow. There to make amends with the daughter of a man he killed, Bourne escapes narrowly. His escape, however, hasn't gone unnoticed. His former employers in the CIA, Noah Vosen (David Strathairn), the deputy director in charge of anti-terrorism based out of New York, and Ezra Kramer (Scott Glenn), the head of the CIA, decide that Bourne should be eliminated. Kramer sends another CIA official, Pamela Landy (Joan Allen), to help Vosen track Bourne down.

Kramer and Vosen also have to deal with a mole has been leaking classified information to a journalist, Simon Ross (Paddy Considine), working for a British newspaper. Vosen sends another assassin, Paz (Edgar Ramirez), to take down Ross and Bourne, who he suspects of leaking the classified information. Ross eventually leads Bourne to his former handler, Neal Daniels (Colin Stinton), and Madrid where he encounters, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), a former assistant with the Treadstone project now reassigned to Spain. Almost immediately, Nicky decides to help Bourne find Daniels in Tangiers, Morocco. Vosen sends another assassin, Desh (Joey Ansah), to eliminate Daniels, Bourne, and Nicky. Throughout, Bourne is driven to discover not who he is (that much he knows already) but how and why he became an assassin.

Five years ago, The Bourne Identity was a refreshing, imaginative take on the spy thriller that had grown increasingly stale and irrelevant. Doug Liman employed a naturalistic style that depended heavily on handheld cameras, rapid-fire cuts, on-location shooting, and small-scale, stunt-heavy action scenes. As a filmmaking style, it has its roots in the French New Wave and the cin
a great film with non stop action at every corner
The Bourne Ultimatum Review

Rating: 9.9/10
Rated: PG-13
Starring: Matt Damon, David Straithairn, Julia Styles, and Joan Allen
Genre: Thriller/Action
My Grade: A

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 111 minutes


This summer Jason Bourne comes home


Bourne (Matt Damon) is closer to his past while he has to escape assasins by a government agency who wants to prevent him from discovering the dark secret that could ruin many people


Great action mixed with a sense of purpose. Matt Damon is amazing as Bourne and the scenes are mixed with realism and amazing angles and composition. In other words, the movie puts you in the middle of the action!


The flash back scenes could have been cut a little bit and the action could have been a bit slower as it's sometimes very hard to follow the action (though it's realistic)


Flaws apart (including various coincidences), the is a must see movie of the summer! Two thumbs up, way up! :up: :up:

MY Rating: 9/10 :fresh:

The Bourne Ultimatum
(Greengrass, 2007)

Anyways, Ultimatum is one foot chase, motorcycle chase, 'jump through windows into people's dining rooms chase after another'. It features what I think is the best hand to hand fight sequence in the whole series yet. It's got a thrilling sequence in which Bourne directs a journalist to escape from his assassins. It's got foot chases galore, ones which will be benchmarks for future films. And of course, the car chases. Every Bourne movie has one, and if you thought the one in Supremacy was good -- it's one of my favourites of all time -- then you'll love this one too. I do think it was perhaps too short, but you have to take into consideration the foot chase that leads up to it as well. And the fact that he drives a car off the roof of a building. I should also mention that the final part of the film takes place in New York, and --without spoiling it- I'll just say there is a brilliant integration with The Bourne Supremacy which made everyone in the theatre whisper amongst themselves. All in all, the incredible kinetic energy the film has was enough that I barely even touched the drink I paid $5 for. The popcorn was still almost full. I was simply too busy been mercilessly punched in the face by Ultimatum.

But the true success of the film is that Bourne is a vulnerable protagonist in an unfriendly world. There is no laser wristwatches, no fancy weapons, and there is no Austin Martins. There is only $5 worth of blackmarket junk, a table fan, a stolen police car, and his ingenuity. We come to identify with the character of Bourne and eventually we grow more sympathetic and attached to him with each Bourne film. It doesn't mean he is a good guy, which is something Ultimatum did a great job of exploring. He is an assassin who has murdered in cold blood. But we know that he's trying to make things right, and for that we are on his side, as we can identify with that. We are not spies, but we have all done things bad things which we only want to make right. And since he lives in the real world and not the Bond world (sorry Bond, this review is really knocking your series), we feel like he really is vulnerable, which in turn makes every single action sequence all the more intense.

All in all, Ultimatum is the best film of the year so far. It has a brilliant balance between raw emotion - a genuine care for the characters - and the sheer velocity, hyper kinetic energy and pace of the film. Ultimatum is fast and in your face with the almost constant flow of chases and action sequences, but it is smart enough to know how to keep things in perspective and keep you emotionally invested in the characters of the story. It's the ultimate action film for people who are tired of the genre rehashes, the cheap thrills, the complete lack of honest emotion -- all the junk that is constantly thrown at us. It's a film of raw, unchecked force and exhilaration while at the same time having a potent emotional core which can sometimes be described only as tender. It wasn't quiet perfect - a specific question of charecter motivation was my biggest problem, and there is a spattering of exposition - but there was certainly nothing that ruins any part of the experience what so ever. Quiet frankly, you're likely to be too involved in the story, the endless action sequences, and the pure energy of Ultimatum to realize if the Four Horse Men of the Apocalypse themselves came charging into the theatre.
Simply the best movie of the decade, and I mean it. This had all the right action, plot, and acting. The plot was not very confusing, but twisting. It starts between the 2 final scenes in The Bourne Supremacy, and I now consider this movie an instant classic. I went into the theater 30 min. early, and my friend and I were some of the only people there. By the time the movie started, the theater was completely full. This movie was no doubt the best of the franchise. The acting was very well performed, the action was to good to be explained in words, and this made a full heart-pounder of a Friday. Go see The Bourne Ultimatum right now.
The Bourne Ultimatum
RT Rating: 92%


Movie Synopsis: The third installment of the successful spy franchise based on the Robert Ludlum novels.

My Thoughts: I love the Bourne franchise. It's everything I wish for in a oppisite Bond, rough, tough, normal and even.. relateable? He's just, he's wicked kick ass awesome all in one, if you catch my drift. This film, the final film in the franchise Im guessing is fantastic. In typical Greengrass style the action scenes are of course shot with shaky cam but still wonderful. The tention in this fiilm was fantasticly built and had a great score to go with it.

I felt Damon really took everything he had here and ran with it and did really well. This is the case, simple as it is, if you have a great script, a great cast and great director you can't really fail and this has been true for the franchise ever since Identity. It started out fantastic..me getting a pizza. I'm not gunna lie, I worked a 7 hour shift before this I missed the first 7 ish minutes but when I got in I was thrown right into this epic chase film..from beginning to end it's a chase film from dialogue to action, your always so invested in Bourne and what his past is and was and why he can't get through it. Of course agian the chase scenes are well done, even the suble.. "I'm in your office" dialogue builds tention and suspense to a T and it just, its great thriller action film making that is just classic..its rough yet hollywood but never takes it too mainstrem.

It's just classic, in a sense of an old Hollywood type suspense thriller were its chase after chase, little use of gadgets of course more use of computers because of our time but its still the simple on your feet running for your life.. or whats left of it, and the Bourne series just knows how to strick a cord and take you along with the ride but never getting to up in its hype. I felt this film really ended on a fantastic note, audience deciding its ending and having a somewhat lighter ending to such a tense build up, it just felt right.
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