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This was an awesome follow up sequel to the first Bourne movie, well done
I really liked the fighting scenes. They show a lot of technique not like other movies where the camera does the moving and see little technique. Very enjoyable spy movie!


this is the best movie from the sequel, best sound too, great actor by damon

:fresh: I got a chance to see this movie tonight, and I must say that it was all I expected and more. This movie was full of action, suspence, and espionage. Damon was awesome, returning to this former role. The one thing I liked about this film is that, you thought it was going one way then went another. So go see this film, I see a series coming up...... We'll see, huh?
*** THE BOURNE SUPREMACY - Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne, Robert Ludlum's super spy. Still dealing with the amnesia from "The Bourne Identity", Bourne is laying low "off the grid". When assassins come to kill him, he has to find out who, why and what he has done in the past to provoke it This is an intelligent thriller, suspenseful and exciting, and I'm looking forward to "The Bourne Ultimatum".
Lot's of Great Action and a good storyline too.
I was surprised by Matt Damon's excellent performance in the original Bourne Identity. The sequel allows Damon to add further depth to the Jason Bourne character and in between the interesting character interactions (antagonists and protagonists alike) there are some truly spectacular action sequences that are a step above the original movie's. I agree with most other critics about the camera work however, and if the movie has one major failing it would definitely be the overly spastic camera movement. Basically, if you are sitting within 30 feet of a large screen you'll not only miss half of the action but also leave the theatre with an acute bout of motion sickness.

Finally, as interesting as the Jason Bourne character is, it is Brian Cox's performance that solidify's The Bourne Supremacy as great spy thriller. I believe that a good "hero" character is only as interesting as his/her rival. And Cox's intensity creates a very believable opposition to Damon's steady as rock persona. This movie is what the Bond franchise, XXX and The Transporter strive to be.
One of the best thrillers made in years, period.
Wow. Okay. That was amazing.

Just so readers know where they are, I loved the first Bourne film, despite its faults. This one was almost better. It sacrifices some of the lyrical quality of the first for extraordinary, frenetic action. Case in point, there is a climactic car chase in which I was convinced I would either have a heart attack or a seizure, due to excitement coupled with rapid camera movement. Overall, the cinematography is stunning, landscape and action work.

The principal acting is less wooden than the first movie. Brian Cox is a standout, as usual. Joan Allen does a gorgeous job, although she's a little underused. Karl Urban is, how to put this delicately, sex on a stick as Kirill, the Russian bad guy. I love films that know how important it is to have a truly f*able bad guy.

Bad things: Tony Gilroy's script is a little stale in points, especially in important interpersonal moments. Also the plot is a bit too elaborate for what happens.I'm still not convinced that the character motivations and actions are entirely consistent.

Still, this film moves like a bullet train without brakes. Well worth watching.
Satisfying on many levels, The Bourne Supremacy is a rare gem indeed. It is a nimble, tight, thoughtful action thriller directed with intelligence and precision, a summer blockbuster that one can feel no guilt in seeing, and best of all, it is a sequel that is an improvement in almost every way than the previous. Though it stands alone, it adds more depth to the character and story behind Jason Bourne and will leave audiences hungry for the sequel, which according to Roger Ebert is known as The Bourne Ultimatum.

This chapter of Jason Bourne is two years after the events in The Bourne Identity. Jason Bourne is still suffering from amnesia and only remembers bits and pieces of the events that he is trying to remember. Everything though not perfect, Bourne is at least in peace. Only one day, someone comes looking for Bourne and instead of killing him, kills his spouse. There is an old saying that one should let sleeping dogs lie, and in this case, they might as well have poured ice water on a rabid german shepherd. Bourne will stop at nothing to solve the mysteries and find who murdered his partner.

There is not a dull moment to be found in The Bourne Supremacy, because it is so tightly wound. The Bourne Supremacy includes some incredible chase sequences, chilling revelations, stalking of others, and even strong personal issues as well. The movie is never too far from an eventful scene, which helps the pace be lively and always demands full attention. Most of the scenes utilize the great resourcefulness of Jason Bourne instead of being souly on chance, its the kind of person you would want working against terrorists. There was a lady who fell asleep next to me and I honestly wondered how that was remotely possible in such a film. The camera works well as bits and pieces, alternate views, and goes equally fast in scenes. Though at times, sometimes its far too jittery. Some scenes where you just need to look at someone, and it feels like the camera is being held by an amateur on the other hand.

Supremacy does not make the grave mistake of other lively films of being all about action and nothing about characters or motivations. Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne, a man who is a sophisticated, mysterious, and troubled man so well. His face just always seem to reflect the worries and millions of questions that Jason Bourne has without him ever having to come out and say it in the dialogue. Strangely, he is sympathic and one part at the end is incredibly moving and even honorable as he attempts redemption. The rest of the cast is capable of their roles as well and never stick out as unreal or false. Everyone here plays true to their motivations rather than a script that hopes random events that are thrown together will simply decide how everything will end.

One does not to have actually seen The Bourne Identity for this film to make sense. Despite all the complexities, secrets, and people involved in this delightful cat and mouse game, everything makes sense - I say this because this is rare. Its easy for many to believe the more complicated things, the better the thriller is automatically. Here, the plot is thought out down to the detail and there are no real plot holes, striking questions, or feelings of walking out and not grasping what just happened. That is not to say some questions are not purposely left unanswered, but nobody watching this should walk out confused.

Of course this film is not 100% realistic, but in all honesty, films of this type never seem completely real to the average person. Nor should every film genre be bound COMPLETELY by believability or the rules of reality. The film involves secret agencies, repressed memories, hired assasins, high-tech gizmos, and a man running around the world - the very things people love to hear about because they are so hidden. Yet, this film is never completely out of touch with reality for most of the film. As stated earlier, Bourne has to use his wits most of the time and nothing he uses to escape is ever too convienent or misplaced.

The Bourne Supremacy is one of the summer blockbusters you will not go wrong in seeing. About the only part that Supremacy does not measure up to the original is the dialogue, which is comparable but not as engaging as Identity. Bourne may indeed be the secret agent to see in the 21st century as it puts some of the recent Bond films to shame. The Bourne Supremacy is a must-see in theatres.
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