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Love this movie, a true classic!
@KINGER908 Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy.
I cant stop watching this movie though is really good.

Synopsis: A man wakes up with amnesia while assassins are after him and he seems to have butt-kicking skills for reasons unknown.

I enjoyed the movie. I was confused why they showed all the agents and then they all died right away. They actually showed one guy in the beginning and I never saw him again. I was excited that the guy from the Croupier was in the movie but he only got to talk right before he died so it seemed like a waste.

It was amusing to watch Run Lola Run lady start talking in German randomly.
Surprisingly good adaptation of Robert Ludlum's 1980 spy thriller. Compared to the dreadful Tom Clancy films and the tired James Bond series, The Bourne Identity is focused - focused on action mostly, but not so much as to scare off girls that hate mindless action flicks. Doug Liman (director of Swingers and Go) has done a great job of balancing the story with the action and successfully resists the temptation to put too much (impossible) technobabble in the show. The film was such a success that a sequel - The Bourne Supremacy - is due to hit theatres this summer. Can a franchise be far behind? Watch out James Bond and Jack Ryan - you have competition!
This movie wasreally not true to the book. The book came out I think in 1981, written by Robert Ludlum. I am reading the book right now. In the movie he is with a girl who he is helping, and she totally trusts Bourne. But in the book, the same girl was a hostage that was taken by Jason Bourne, he threatens her with a gun, and says he will shoot her if she runs away. And eventually in the book she got away, and got to the police, even though I am far from the ending. That never happened in the movie. So the movie went off on its own little fantasy world.
The Sum of All Fears is filled with technical jargon in the first half and lacks plausibility in the second half, but it is straightforward and effective.

Undercover Brother is an Austin Powers-esque comedy without all the gross-out jokes. Eddie Griffin stars but Billy Dee Williams stands out in his cameo.

The Bourne Identity is smart and intelligent but as a film hyped up in its ads as being action-filled, that was lacking.

Mr. Deeds was not Adam Sandler's best feature, but it certainly wasn't his worst.

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg let loose a riveting sci-fi adventure that is visually breathtaking.
Can't wait to see the sequel. Although i heard Marie isn't in it much. It should still be pretty good.
The Bourne Identity

Jason Bourne knows how to use a gun, drive a car and estimate the weight of a likely combat opponent. Now if only he could remember who he is!

Catch Me If You Can

Spielberg's second man-on-the-run film released last year told the unlikely true story of Frank Abagnale, who successfully passed himself off as a pilot, doctor and lawyer.... All before his 21st Birthday.

Bend It Like Beckhem

There's no telling where your dreams may lead you. For one women it lead her to the sport of soccer.

8 Mile

Eminem proves he can't really act, in the tale of a boy who likes to rap. If you really hate Eminem, then don't watch this film!! I don't like this film, as I am not a fan of Eminem.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Camron, Drew and Lucy just wanna have fun, but the party is spoilt by the return of Demi Moore.

Truly great spy thriller. Matt Damon emerges as a solid lead actor in this action-packed tale of an amnesiac assasin trying to remember his real identity. Well casted with a good supply of excellent supporting actors. Chris Cooper, Julia Stiles, Brian Cox, Clive Owen, and Franka Potente all do their parts to make what could have been a mediocre, run-of-the-mill tale into a gripping spy tale with blistering action sequences. The car chase scene is very well done, and many of the screen shots are nice. The script is solid and does Ludlum's novel proud (though I've heard it's alot different and better). Overall, a must see for any movie fan of the action/spy/thriller genres. Really looking forward to the sequel, which is something I rarely say these days.
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